Day 8

February 19, 2009

These are my numbers for tomorrow, Day 8.  I am giving myself a second CE.  I have my dinner all planned out.  Therefore, it will be no problem, plus no junk food in my house, only clean food.

CE: 18/18/95
RT: 5/20
CT: 3/12 (I am going to try to get to four by doing one more tonight, I will update if I do.)
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum. (I went on a nice walk with my Cousin this morning, first one in a long time.  I really pushed her and she was huffing and puffing but she kept up.  Going to try to get a walk in at the lake tomorrow bringing this to two which will be right on target.)
PG2: Use the Performance Ball once a week. (I need to do get this ball out and motivate myself to do it.)
PG3: Read two books. (I had three diet type books and I read what I feel would educate me. I did not feel the need to read the book cover to cover. I also read many articles off the Precision Nutrition Web site so I am counting this as one book read.  I also have a phofe book that once started I can finish in a few hours.  It is enjoyable.  That will be my book 2.  Then on to the Precision Nutrition book.  I do not have time to delve into any serious novels at this time.)
PG4: Get my files and recipes in order. (Ongoing.  I am trying to get my tax stuff in order.  This is real challenging as most my office is in my garage.  I packed up things thinking I would be back in my office before Christmas.  It is a slow process but I will get it done.  Then I will get my 2009 files in order.  I keep adding recipes to my circa file as I find them or try them.)

In my last 52DC one of the group said something to the effect is get it done early just in case something happens and you run out of time.  I have seen a few injuries already that have sidelined those people.  I want to work hard to get it done early.  Just in case.   I am doing well right now.  Gonna pat myself on the back.

That is it for now.  I am proud to say the first 52DC put the fire in my belly to continue.  I stumbled in the mini and I want to make sure that does not happen again.  I need to keep going with no break.  On the other hand, maybe one day of junk food and then back to my daily routines so I do not backslide.  I need to lose 25 pounds to see if strength training is what has kept me from losing weight all these years.  I love the scale I bought but force myself to only get on it on Mondays and log the info and only use it as a tool, but I am telling you when the weight goes down it is much easier to continue eating perfectly clean.

Okay, those that are following my progress and parts of my live.  Have a great day and keep eating clean and working hard at changing your life for the better.

“Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings, and to forgive quickly.”                                                                    ~Unknown

Day 6

February 17, 2009

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have not had time to post. I have had a lot going on.

I have been eating clean. It has been working out great to chop everything up for 3‑4 days. Easy to just open jars and throw stuff on a plate or in a pan. I love the jars I have and will have to get more. The store I usually by them at online is opening a local store only about 25 minutes away.

I think I solved my ranch-dressing dilemma also. I still have to work on it a bit. I take cottage cheese and a bit of the powder from the Ranch dressing packet and put it in the bullet with a bit of milk and voila, ranch dressing. I will fine-tune the next batch I make until I get it the right consistency.

One of my goals was to read two books. I think I am going to knock off one. Three books came in from the library. I actually do not read them cover to cover but read the information I feel I want and look at the recipes. Since I have three books and I have been reading many articles online, I think I have accomplished one of my goals. Another book came in from the library. It is a quick read, a fun read, no context to say but enjoyable. It will count as my second book read. After that, I am going to delve into the “Precision Nutrition” and all they have to offer. Lots of great stuff. My next goal I think will be pages read versus an actual book.

I have not had an opportunity to walk outside as we have had horrible rainstorms.

I have not been able to do any lower exercises as the bottom half of my Bowflex was not put back together right and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook it up. I will have to wait on the boys to come fix it as they originally took it apart. If they do not come this weekend, I will find some exercises I can do at home.

The treadmill is great, but boring. I have decided to walk during Biggest Loser so I get at least one good workout a week. I typically do not have time to watch much TV but I do enjoy that show.

I love working out with the Bowflex with my uppers. I went to the Dr. Today and he gave me some more exercise I am allowed to do now. I am getting better and faster at hooking up the rods and making the changes as needed. Once it gets ingrained in my memory it sticks, just takes a bit to get there.

My new veggie of the weeks is Broccoli Rabe. I asked the produce person for brocollini and he gave me that. He said I would like it and it had just came in that morning and to try the brocollini another day. I am off to research exactly how to cook it. The produce person said steaming but I need specifics.

That pretty much brings you up-to-date. Everyone seems to be doing well on the 52 DC. There are so many of use this time. Great QOTD and AOTD. There are so many athletes and they all seem to be in good shape with not much weight to lose. I am so happy they help me and give me inspiration.

Remember… Keep it clean.

Getting Ready

February 10, 2009

Wow, the new 52DC is here. I thought I would be prepared and I am shocked that I really am not. I wanted to get my menu in order instead of just doing my thing. It is really hard trying to figure out a menu. My days are so flexible and I never know how much work I will have. I am just going to do what I have been doing and eating as clean as possible. I think I will stick to three breakfasts for now as that makes it a no brainer. Lunch will be a salad or dinner leftovers. Something simple. Dinner with be pretty basic but I want to try new recipes and get some variety on my plate. Overall, my goals are to try to eat more veggies. Lots more veggies.

There is so much information I have been trying to read. Eat this. Do not eat this. This veggie is bad for you. This veggie is not bad. Whom do you believe? How does anyone really know what to do? I love carrots, green beans, and corn. They say carrots and corn are bad, but how can they be bad. I have not gained any weight in over a year so something has to be right.

I will curtail my corn intake, as my daughter pointed out the corn is actually “sweet corn”. Yep, “sweet” that says it all. Carrots are delicious and straight from the ground so I will continue to eat them, raw, in my salads. I am eating more spinach, raw, as it seems to be consistently touted as a better green. I am eating more broccoli diced into my salads and anywhere I can sneak it in. More zucchini shredded in. I want to try new veggies. Like asparagus, it was delicious but not like corn. BBQ Lettuce? That is something I will have to try. Maybe I should stop looking at books and recipes and stick with one book at a time.

They also say eat veggies at each meal so I will put onions in my scrambled eggs. <G> I should research and see what the onions have to offer.

I should just pick one program and go with it. However, it is so much fun to try new things.

One of my goals for the 52DC is to read two books. I am going to read one diet book and one fun book to reach my goals. I think I will read all about Precision Nutrition to start. Then Maybe James Patterson. I have so many books on my shelves that need reading. Do I have time to get back into Stephen King? How about starting Sue Grafton? How about some of the classics. How about the books my daughter had to read in college. The Quiet American? How about Paulo Coelho’s books? So many books. So little time.

I want to really get into the Bowflex. I found a great website and this person shows some of the exercises on the Bowflex and how to do them. I have so much I can do. I need to start doing it. Part of my reason is the frustration at having to change the rods, change the handles, back and forth, 20 pounds, down to 10 pounds and on and on and I do not think I am getting a great workout. Until, I was told you should rest about 60 to 90 seconds, which should give you time to change the rods and handles. Now that made sense. Once you get used to the routine and do not have to look at the book, it should be a doable thing. I am excited to start on Wednesday. I will do my upper, as that is what I do the most. Thursday I will start learning how to hook up and do the lower exercises.

I am excited to get started on this. The QOTD is always challenging to me. The support is awesome.

So here we go…

My Goals for my second 52DC:

CE: 95
RT: 20
CT: 12
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum.
PG2: Use the Performance Ball once a week.
PG3: Read two books.
PG4: Get my files and recipes in order.

I also have been selected to send reminders every day for the next 30 days. I also will host two Sundays.

I was hoping my house would be done, but it is not. I will carry on. I am hoping the boys come Saturday as planned to finish my office, bedroom and workout room. That will make me happy. If they get the ceiling done, I can just hire someone to come in and paint so I can have the floors done and the molding put back on. Then I can bring things back in and start living normal. Until then. Let’s make this the best 52DC yet.

I want to try for perfect CE as I did in my last 52DC. I wonder if it is possible. I struggled in the mini challenge and slide a few times on the 31DC. This is more serious so I am hoping I can kick some CE.

Wish me luck and thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings. I do go on and on at times.

Good luck to you all! Let’s make this the best most successful challenge ever!