Winter 2010 52DC – Finish Line

March 7, 2010

Hi Everyone. Here are my numbers from the last 52DC I did. I worked hard and earned a Platinum plus award. This was my best challenge to date. I finally got the hang of it and blew this challenge out of the water and made all my goals. Here are my final numbers…

CE: 104/104/96
RT: 29/22
CT: 19/14
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum 15/7
PG2: Lose one Jean size
PG3: Read one book and 100 misc. pages
PG4: Try one new vegetable each week 10/7 (Parsnip, butternut squash, pumpkin, kale, yam X 2, A Choy, Sprouts X 3, radish looking thingy.)

New Bonus PG5: Whole Body Workout.

PG1: Walking/Hiking outside is automatic for me. I finally got this PG in check. Finding a place I could walk alone was key. Like vabeachgirl finding someone to be consistent and not cancel was challenging, so I just walk by myself. I miss my mountain hiking, but you have to make changes to succeed. Walking is not as great as hiking but at least I am doing something outside on a regular basis.

PG2: What can I say, I am over the moon. Maybe labeling the jeans with the wrong size actually helped push me harder. Two Sizes….

PG3: I ended up reading three books and too many misc pages to keep track of. I am back. Yeah. I really missed my reading. I ended up reading James Patterson “ The 6th Target ”, “ Preserve it Naturally ” and part of “ Cooking with Fire ”. I am now reading “ The 7th Heaven ” also by James Patterson.

PG4: The vegetable PG was amazing. I found some to die for veggies that I will incorporate into my daily/weekly meals. You all should try this as your PG. Adult tastes and your new lifestyle of eating may make you decide to like something you did not like as a kid or in the past. Go for it!


January 31, 2010

I have been a terrible blogger. After working on a computer most the day, I just want to turn it off.

I am so excited. I am doing my 52DC and today is Day 26. I have come a long way. I really feel like I am finally in a grove. Working out is easy, well easy to start/finish workouts. Before it was a struggle. I have a great friend who gave me a little extra push and I now force myself to get up in the morning and just get my workout in and over with. Many times, I find in the evening I just want to workout again. After all the Physical Therapy I did I feel so much stronger and my range of motion is 75% better. I do not want to go back.

I am still experimenting with food. Trying some raw foods. Eating less red meat. I am trying a new vegetable each week and so far, I found a few I like. Superpup and JT are the best. I am now a Tuna eater. Such wise people. Yes, I am an adult and the memories I had as a child may not hold true today. I will take a taste and maybe, just maybe there are many things I miss. I just remember my dad who had melanoma eating plain yogurt with sea kelp sprinkled on it. Drinking carrot juice and eating beets. Yuck. Now it seems a lot of people are eating plain yogurt and it is normal.

I now eat tuna, parsnips, pumpkin, asparagus and sprouts. I want to try okra, water chestnuts and artichokes. I also love cauliflower-mashed potatoes. Yummy. My list of veggies is getting larger. I will have to rethink my garden lay out come spring and see if I can add any of these veggies into the garden.

I just bought the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises and I tell you, this is one fantastic book. The best book I have seen showing how to do the exercises. I hope to go buy a few plates so I can do this pinching exercise. That is one thing I am unable to do very well is pinching. With the plates, you can build that up. Also, building up my forearm strength that will help my shoulders. I want to buy a step but cannot find a sturdy one that does not have a low weight restriction. I guess they think only skinny people will be using them. Until then I do a half a$$ workout on my back step. Not perfect but it helps.

I am reading and learning so much I just cannot keep it all in my brain. Excitement is the word to describe things.

I am off to play with Brooklyn and clean out the garden a bit. Right now, I have onions, garlic, three kinds of lettuce, parsley, bell peppers, celery and of course thyme and rosemary.

I am feeling so good that I am getting so much accomplished around my house. This is a good thing. For those who followed me I had a lot of work done on my house and all my things are boxed in the garage. The boys walked away before bringing things back in. I am so much stronger now with this workout routine and I was able to bring in not one, two, or even three boxes but five boxes.

Well, I am rambling now. Have a great day and thanks to everyone who has had a hand in educating me and giving me words of encouragement and advice.

Winter 2010 52DC

January 5, 2010

I have decided to do the 52DC again. I have a good routine going, but have gotten lazy since the holidays. I do not want to get my butt out of bed. At the end of the day, I am lazy. I do not want to undo the entire hard work my physical therapist, my doctor and I have done.

Here are my goals:

CE: 96/104 (shooting for another platinum +)
RT: 22
CT: 14

PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum (Getting my butt out of bed is the real challenge.)
PG2: Lose one Jean size (17 pounds and still in the same size. What’s up with that?)
PG3: Read one book and 100 misc. pages (I read a lot on the internet but really need to sit and enjoy a good fun book.)
PG4: Try one new vegetable each week (I have tried Bok Choy and it was delicious. Suggestions anyone?)

I have a meeting but I will be back to update you all on what I have been doing since I have been gone. It was great to see so many familiar names. Those who supported me so much on my first 52DC.