The New Year

January 1, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of the Holiday Mini Challenge. I am hoping my number will be:

CE: 46/50/50
RT: 8/8
CT: 4/8
PG1: Log calories 13 days. (2)
PG2: Start a circa recipe file book.

As you can see, I did not reach my goals. The CE ended up being more difficult than I anticipated. I had no idea once my guests left I would sample the sweets. I thought I was stronger than that. I guess I have the strength to not buy the junk but sit it in front of me and I need a taste. Sad it did not taste particular good. I am not a sweet person. I do not care for sweets much. Just one more thing I have learned about myself that I need to work on.

I achieved my RT. That is not too hard for me. I am beginning to like working out a bit more.

My CT boomed. My cousin flaked on me one too many times. No excuse. I could have gotten on the treadmill. I should have gotten on the treadmill, especially since I had the time blocked out. I could have gone to the park with lots and lots of people and walked in relative safety. This also will be something I work on. If she cancels, still walk!

My PG1, ugh, what can I say. I started and it just was boring and to all time consuming. Pulling labels and walking back and forth. I need to see if I can find someone smart enough to fix my laptop and then I can take the laptop to the kitchen. Anyone know how to fix a Toshiba Laptop. It just shuts off whenever it wants. Sometimes it will run all day long and other times I cannot get it to stay on for 10 minutes. I even bought one of those fans for it to sit on (which by the way is a pain in my you know what). I am thinking until I work that out I need to jot down what food I eat in a little notebook I can carry with me. I like how dedicated godeacs is posting his daily. If it was not for the site going down I think he would have not missed one single day. I hope he can get back into the grove again. I know it is hard once you stop something.

PG2, successful. I love the circa concept. I loved it so much I purchased another book. I will use one for basics and one I will only put in recipes I will be eating for my Challenges. I hope that as time allows I will log the calories etc. This will be easier to load into Calorie King. One more step to doing what I wish to do. I was told once I get a huge database that it would be faster. I am more familiar with the program now, which helps.

Therefore, this mini challenge has taught me a lot. I am glad I did it. It prepared me for the next 52DC. I know I need to re‑evaluate my goals for the 52DC so I am successful.

Speaking of the 52DC, they MH people have decided we have to postpone it for six weeks. It will start in February. I am going to do my own 31DC. I need to step it up and have no time to wait on them. I want to work hard so when the 52DC starts I am already kicking butt.

As some of you know, my house is torn apart. It is still not done and looks like I may not get it done for another month. What can you do? The price you pay for barter work. I had so hoped to have it done, as I wanted to start my new year with specific things. Some of which I cannot do. I am going to beg them to get my office and bedroom done first. I cannot function living out of boxes. When I packed, it was only supposed to be for two weeks so I did not mark the boxes and I am having a hard time finding things, which is cutting into my time. I cannot wait for it to be done. It will be beautiful! I will work hard to make myself beautiful too.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I wish my house was done but you take want you have and work with that.

This is what I thought I could do for the 31DC. 31 days you ask. It will run from January 7th (the day the 52DC was supposed to start) until Friday the 6th of February. This will give me four days rest before the 52DC starts on the 11th of February. The challenge ends on April 3rd which is my birthday and I want it to be sweet. No more excuses. I just need to “get out there an MOVE IT!!!! As lazedays always says. <!–[if supportFields]> <![endif]–><!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–>

On Wednesday, I will walk/hike with my cousin. If she flakes, I will go to the park or walk on the treadmill. On Thursdays, I will use the Bowflex and do my uppers. Fridays we sometimes go and do something fun. We either hike or just walk or go to a Garden or Museum. We get in about 2‑3 miles. If we do not do anything on Friday, I will walk on the treadmill. Saturday I will do the Lower on the Bowflex as that is more time consuming. Sunday is my day of rest. If I feel up to it, I may do something extra but I do not want to pencil it in. Monday is a horrific day at work for me so I will be absolutely doing nothing but work. Tuesdays I thought I would play. Maybe do free weights or maybe do a TV workout. I hear the TV workouts are great. Like being in a class. That is it.

My 31DC Goals are:

CE: 0/58/62 (I want to stay strong on the CE so I made this number high.)

RT: 8/31 (This works out to 2 X a week.)

CT: 8/31 (This works out to be 2 X a week also.)

My PG goals are:

PG1: To reach all the above goals. To not slack off. To just get up and move it. No excuses. I am responsible for myself. How bad do I want this!

PG2: I would really like to get my circa files bigger. When the 52DC starts, I do not want to think. I just want to start with a bang and push for 100% CE again. I want to try new things. I want to get back into cooking more.

Although this is not a goal, I really would like to try new vegetables. I would like to do research on how to prepare them. I bet there are many veggies I know nothing about. They are probably delicious to me and I am missing out. Does anyone have any favorites of your own?

The boys are supposed to come Friday night and leave on Sunday. I will try to leave them alone on Sunday so I can go to the Farmers Market and get some fresh veggies to start my challenge on Wednesday. If not, the grocery store will be fine.

Okay, everyone. Thank you all for all your support and motivation. You are all truly amazing. I am the one that needs to lose the weight. Seeing how all of you were there at one time and where you are today is truly amazing. You work everyday and never give up. You are an inspiration to me. I will make you all proud. I will not stop. 2009 is my year. I will reach my ultimate goal. I will take it slow. I will learn along the way. I will try new things until I get it right.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2009 is a fantastic year!