Platinum +

June 8, 2009

Thanks to my clean eating, I obtained a platinum + award for the Spring 52DC. That makes three. This one was tough, but I made it through. I will work hard and keeping it clean and not stop just because the challenge is over. I have a personal challenge to get the performance ball back out and get it done. My newest excuse is I have to wait until the dog leaves Wednesday night. HA…No more excuses will be accepted after that. I HAVE to use this ball. I will use this ball.

On a better note…

I went to the farmers market again today. OMG, the food is so amazing. The price is also well below the grocery stores. I came home and prepped it all up. A trick I learned that works great for me. During the week I am so busy it is so much easier to eat clean when you can put a meal together quickly. Better to spend a few hours on Sunday than a half hour to forty five minutes daily fixing and cooking food.

My nephew came to visit with his darling baby. She is too cute. She is finally hearing sounds and FINALLY making eye contact. I was a bit worried about that.

I am puppy sitting a gigantic golden retriever who is just a sweetheart. However, there is hair everywhere. I forgot how much work and the mess a dog makes. I miss not having a dog but again, I do not miss the responsibility. Right now, I am happy to have my daughter’s dog visit occasionally. Sometimes he stays overnight and that works fine for me. He will go home on Wednesday night so Thursday I will be cleaning my house, getting in my exercise room, and hitting it hard. I am going to concentrate on lower extremities and see if I cannot lose a few inches off my waist.

I had a nice relaxing day today, which is rare. Monday is my busiest day and lots to do. Have a great week everyone. Keep working hard.

The End of Another Challenge

June 6, 2009

I completed another 52DC. I reached all my goals but one. That dang performance ball. I am proud of myself as my house and my life was in an upheaval. I am in the process of unpacking and organizing (slowly) my files and all my stuff. Good time to weed through things, get rid of a lot of junk, and start getting rid of my husband’s enormous amount of stuff.

Here are my final numbers…

RT: 22/21
CT: 17/13
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum. (13/7) (I only walked with my cousin once. The rest of the time, I ventured out by myself at the lake with lots of people around or I hit the mall before it opened.)
PG2: Get the Performance Ball out of the box and use it once a week. (1/7) (I got the ball out of the box and found the CD. However, had to pack up the ball to get the floors done. Waiting until the last minute made it impossible to complete this goal. The floors should have taken four days and took almost two weeks.)
PG3: Log my food intake daily for the first half of the challenge. (29/26 day) This was not fun and I hated it.
PG4: Read James Patterson (462/462) and 100 additional pages of misc reading. (150/100) (I could have picked up another James Patterson book but I could not find the box the next book in the series was in. I really enjoyed reading and need to get back and do more of it.)

This challenge made me realize I still love reading and I need to do it always. I need to make the time. This challenge also made me realize I need to find a better routine for my lower extremities. I should have lost inches on my waist. In addition, I HATE logging my food. The most important thing I learned is to jump on your goals and get them done early. You never know what can disrupt your plans and make it impossible to achieve your goals.

I have been asked if I will go on and do the next one. I am not sure. I struggled with this challenge. I take things personally and I just did not seem to have the support. Some of the people were fantastic but others just did not seem to care. I was gone almost two weeks and nobody missed me or welcomed me back. Maybe I expect too much. Not sure. I also struggled answering the questions. The enormous amount of people in this challenge was overwhelming and it was hard to keep up with all the posts. I do not know how the beginning daily hosts handle their duties. I was lucky I suppose to have had a smaller number of posters on my hosting day. Maybe because of the struggles with family and contractors and my house being upset and not having things in order has more to do with it than the challenge.

I have some time to decide what I want to do. I am hoping as things settle down around here I will feel better and more willing to take the time for me and to join the next challenge.

Until then. Keep it clean and keep exercising.

P.S. I am going to try to complete the performance ball goal before the next challenge. I am also going to work on my lower extremities and try to lose a pant size. My goal after goal after goal is fitting into that dang pair of pants I bought so long ago. I need to accomplish that goal and get into those jeans.

Thank you to everyone who supported me. You were awesome. To my favorite people, and you know who you are, you made things easier for me as I struggled through this challenge.

It is funny, usually I go eat something bad after a challenge but I really do not even feel like doing that. Maybe it is the yummy tasting farmers market food I have been buying that makes me want that more than any greasy, yucky, bad for you food.

I am Home!

June 3, 2009

I finally made it home. What an ordeal. As you know, I had my hardwood floors done. Well, they seem blotchy and not too shiny. Therefore, the Owner, away for the 3 day weekend told me they put two coats of urethane and things would be fine. Nope, Out came all the furniture again and all the stuff I carried in and unpacked (lots of books) had to go out again. He came home and it was horrible. Horrible. They missed places and they used stain and OMG, it was terrible. Therefore, they had to sand it again. Out of the house I went. This time was only supposed to take a day and a half. Well it ended up being five days. Therefore, I was out of the house from the 19th to the 1st. The floors look beautiful but what a joke. I appreciate the owner taking responsibility but he did not want to pay for all the extra work I did and the time out of the house. I guess my time is not worth anything to him. Sad, very sad.

While staying at my mom’s I had a great time. I also cooked for her and educated her. I got her eating breakfast!!! After two weeks, she was feeling better, had lots of energy, and was not taking any naps. She was going to bed a tad earlier and sleeping a solid six hours. She even impressed me with packing her lunch. The biggest improvement was her addiction to “Diet Rite” soda. If she has a can of soda, she has to drink a bottle of water. Overall, a great visit.

Now I am home and I am puppy sitting a dog for 10 days. First thing he did was scratch the floor. Grrr. I wanted a few days to enjoy it. My house is covered in blankets, cardboard, and such to try to keep him from scratching the floor. He only seems to have problems when he lies down and gets up. When he walks, you cannot even hear his nails. Once he is gone, I can finally get my house back together and start enjoying things.

My cousin will be home from Minnesota in another week and she claims we will start walking/hiking again. I will not hold my breath. I firmly believe those hikes up the mountains do more for me losing weight than anything I have tried.

I was able to keep up with some workouts at my mom’s house. We went for walks and had a good time. Only thing is that dang performance ball. I am going to wash on that and try again next time.

My mom bought those “steam” bags from Ziplock and OMG those are the best things. I put in two chicken breasts, some seasoning, and one chopped onion and a bit of olive oil and put it in the microwave for 6 minutes and Voila, dinner for two. I definitely will be using these again. What a great invention. If you have not tried these bags, run, do not walk, to the nearest store and try them out. You will be amazed. For those in College, a great way to have a great meal only using a microwave.

That is it. I was not missed much, but that is okay. I am proud of myself being able to stay clean and to be able to workout while out of my house. Once this dog leaves, I plan to try a few new things until I can lose some inches. I need to buy a new pair of jeans and hate the thought of buying a pair when I might outgrow them. I have said this for a year and still struggle. I have given myself until July 1st. I will buy whatever size fits me at that time.

Well, I have boxes and boxes of books to shlep and put away and a full day of work to boot. I had better get on it.

It was great to read some of the posts I had missed and read how well everyone is doing. Sad we are down to so few. I understand as this is a rough challenge for me. The atmosphere and support is much different this time.

Have a great day everyone!


May 17, 2009

I thought I would take a break and bring you all up-to-date. I am finally going to get my floors done. I just want to ask how one person can have so much stuff. The closets are full and the garage is a close second. I hope things go smoothly. It will be sweet to finally get on with my life. For those of you who do not know. This was all supposed to be done by Christmas. I will be so excited to finally be able to breath and to not have dust everywhere. I still have things to do, waiting and waiting on my brother but I can at least get my furniture and things back into the house. The main thing I need really is my new desk and my work supplies and books. Who would have known how hard it is to function when your stapler is boxed away.

I feel like this 52DC is not fun. It just does not have the feel as before. I do not even like to post and struggle daily just to do it. As far as my workout. Excuses, excuses. I hope that I can get into it more once the house is sorta back to normal. I feel like I am a little behind and hope to catch up and exceed my goals. Thank goodness for this challenge as it forces me to continue on.

I really miss walking/hiking with my cousin. I have 100% given up on her. Sad thing is the hikes were so good for me. It is sad that in this day and age a female cannot walk by themselves in the areas we like to hike. It is too desolate and there are too many crazies out there. Although it is in a good area, I just cannot bring my self to hike that mountain road by myself. Walking on the treadmill just does not have the same affect. I think my body really loses the inches when we were hiking, especially on that straight uphill road. Maybe I should just buy some mace and take my chances.

I am loving my farmers market. The food is so delicious. I have gone back to my normal way of eating. Very little bread if any, green beans, cottage cheese, fish. The scale is still not moving. I am down to 1800 calories and still nothing. Maybe the stress is too much. I hope that once the floors are done I can get into a routine with better structure. Maybe I should go on the TNT Diet. Once this 52DC is done and my house back is somewhat order I will get the book out and give it a try.

I will be shutting off my computer Tuesday night and will not have access to the internet much. I will be staying with my mom (give me strength) for FOUR days. Oh my. Wish me luck. She is a junk food junkie and she loves sweets. This will be a challenge to keep my clean eating without offending my mom and the food temptations.

Okay everyone I will pop in next weekend some time and let you know how it went. Please send good thoughts my way.

Day 18

May 4, 2009

Brooklyn spent the weekend with me and boy did I get some good workouts in. We walked everyday. That little guy has so much energy. I now understand why my daughter selected this breed. Little enough to be in an apartment but strong enough to keep up with her. He loves hiking and he can sure push you into walking faster. Only thing that slows him down is a good scent. He is so sweet and those eyes will just melt you. I taught him a new trick this weekend. I put a carrot in one hand and had him smell both hands and take his paw and select the hand he wanted. He is one smart doggie and boy is his nose good.

My garden is beautiful. The lettuce is coming up and the pepper plants have flowers, which is a good sign. The zucchini is struggling. I added some dirt as it was too sandy and I might not have added enough. OR… Brooklyn tromped on them.

I hope everyone has a great week. Mine will be extremely busy. I want to try to keep up on working out since I did so well this weekend. I will pop in when I can.


April 30, 2009

I do not care for to many vegetables and I am trying new ones as often as I can. I made a list and was surprised at how many vegetables are vegetables and how many I like. Look at all those veggies I put in my salad. Yahoo. Now, which one of the below vegetables are better off not eaten?

Corn – green beans – potato – onions – asparagus – peas – zucchini – cauliflower peppers – garlic – broccoli – baby bok choy

My salad choices = Lettuce – spinach – celery – carrots – cucumbers – radishes – cabbage – avocado onions

My fruit choices = Orange – apple – plum – cantaloupe – honeydew – watermelon – banana – pineapple – peaches – peas – apricot – blackberries – raspberries – blueberries – strawberries – tomato.

Beef – chicken breast – turkey breast – cod – halibut – shrimp

Well, which do you think are those you should not really eat? I know Corn is not great as it is “sweet corn”. I know watermelon is not great because it is so sweet. Both are my favorites but eaten in moderation?

I have Brooklyn this weekend and I totally plan on getting in some outside time walking and hanging in the yard. Thank goodness the carrots are not up yet. Brooklyn is really good and picking them out. The tomatoes are not ripe yet so I know he will not eat them. He only likes the red ripe tomatoes. Maybe I should count him as a CT. He is pretty heavy and I can lift him a lot.

Have a great weekend everyone and those that have it… Enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Day 14

April 28, 2009

Since I am having NO luck on losing this belly and shrinking the waist I am changing my diet up. Each week I will delete foods and add new ones until I get some success. I am thinking that I need to lower my calorie intake. Maybe go back to eating three to four times a day instead of five to six. I will keep mixing it up until I see some progress.

I have to go to a new orthopedic physician thanks to the horrible insurance company. I am not looking forward to changing my protocol, which works wonderfully. I will go in positive. Maybe he is younger, smarter, or more up-to-date on new drugs. Maybe he can figure out a better protocol. Time will tell.

Today I will be having teeny tiny squash, teeny tiny zucchini, tiny carrots and teeny tiny red potatoes which I will BBQ with some EEVO and lots of fresh herbs. Yummy. Since I have the BBQ fired up, I will add some chicken breasts to eat later in the week. I splurged and bought ONE corn on the cob. I will cut it in half so I get two treats. I will also throw this on the BBQ.

My new vegetable for the week is Baby Bok Choy. I have to check and see if I can throw it on the BBQ also. My list of veggies is getting longer and longer. So far using Foxpoint makes a lot of these vegetables taste acceptable and some delicious. It is amazing what you can do with herbs and spices. Trial and error results in some fantastic results.

I am buried in work today but wanted to pop in anyway. Have a great day everyone!

Day 11

April 25, 2009

I had a great day today. My daughter and I went to an art festival. Very disappointing. Not many artists, mainly jewelry and cooper. I am looking for a painting for my front room. We had a great walk afterwords. In addition, my daughter will not fight for parking and we parked 1/2 mile away, which is a good thing. She walks fast which pushes me. Beautiful day.

I am still struggling with my weight. My shoulders and slimmer, the shirts are falling off my shoulder and my upper sides are a bit slimmer but that dang waist/stomach will not budge one smidgen of an inch. I am so confused. What do I have to do to shrink this belly and waist? Grr. I understand why people give up. (I will not and will carry on.)

Heading to the farmers market in the morning. The food is so fresh and delicious. Afterwords going to see my other daughter to help her plant her chocolate plants. LOL, yes, they are “stepable chocolate plants.” They smell like chocolate and is a type so slow growing ground cover. They get tiny flowers once a year. Beautiful plant.

I did not accomplish much this weekend, but sometimes you just have to have fun.

Monday starts a new week and I will push myself harder and harder.

Friday I pick up Brooklyn and we are going to walk around the lake before heading home. He will be with me for four days. I should get some good workouts in with him. He walks really fast for such a little thing.

I scheduled an appointment to get my floors done by a professional. I can no longer wait on my nephew. When the boys said my house would be done by Christmas, silly me, I never dreamt it would be 2010… LOLOL I really miss my things. My books are outside also, which is frustrating.

So there you have it. My boring life. Any suggestions on what to do, please feel free to send any advice you have.

Hope you all are keeping it clean and losing those inches.

Spring 52DC Day One

April 14, 2009

I will come back tomorrow and start day one but I wanted to get all my goals in order.

Official Spring 52DC Goals:

CE: 95/104
RT: 21
CT: 13
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum. (7)
PG2: Get the Performance Ball out of the box and use it once a week. (7)
PG3: Log my food intake daily for the first half of the challenge. (26 day)
PG4: Read James Patterson and 100 additional pages of misc reading.

PG5: This will only be for my interest. Log how many miles I walk or download to software. Try to wear the pedometer daily.

Preparation and Thoughts

April 5, 2009

I think I am going to pass on the mini challenge and devote my time to organizing menus. I am going to be super strict this next 52DC. I am going to push myself beyond anything I believe I am capable of.

The Spring 52DC will be here before you know it.  Below are my tentative goals.  I plan on hitting this running and get on top of it at the beginning of the challenge.  I want to exceed my goals.  I want to win this round.  I want!  I want!  I will succeed!

CE: 95/104 (As always, I will shoot for 104/104.)
RT: 20 (This is about 3 X a week.)
CT: 14 (This is 2 X a week.)
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum.  (7)
PG2: Get the Performance Ball out of the box and use it once a week. (7)
PG3: Read pages.
PG4: Log my food intake daily for the first half of the challenge. (26 days)

I will keep my PG1 as it motivates me to get outside a minimum of seven times, which I need. I am going to get that dang ball out of the box and use it once a week. No excuses. None. I will do it. I decided to do pages instead of books as I read many magazines, online articles and flip through books. I want to read at least one fun book. I just have to decide a good number. Because I failed so miserably at losing inches, I am going to log my food intake and keep strict tract. I will be back to weighing and measuring everything. I hope that if I work harder than ever maybe I can get into that pair of jeans that haunt me. I need to find a safe place to walk that has many upgrades. That is the only thing I can figure out that I did not do this time. Maybe the grades help? Who knows? No one has yet been able to help me lose weight. Maybe I am just a freak of nature. Do it right but stuck where I am. You know when there is that percentage. Well I think I fall in that percentage and just mess it up for everyone else.

I just got my BBQ tank filled. I used to BBQ all the time. We bought this new BBQ and I hate it. It has dual burners but they go horizontal. Who does that? To cook something off the heat side you have to have skinny things and the ones on the back still are too near the heat. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I did not even notice when I bought it. I knew I had to have dual burners. I think that is when I quit bbq’ing so much. I am going to get back to it because there is nothing like bbq’d food. I just bought a new cookbook on grilling. I cannot wait.

Therefore, Monday, I am going to start logging in some of my regular foods that I do not already have in the database to make it easier when the 52DC starts up again.

Today, Sunday, I have to prepare my food, cutting and chopping and cooking. I will continue looking for recipes and making menus and shopping list. One week at a time.

Okay, everyone that is it for me. Keep it clean but have fun!

P.S.  I was going to have a huge cheat meal with tons of junk food yesterday and I just could not do it.  I think because I went to my daughter’s and we ordered in Reds BBQ.  My favorite there is a Tri-tip salad with artichoke hearts, cheese, lettuce, avocado, onions, tomatoes and the best ranch dressing around.  A very clean meal, well the ranch dressing is not great but the small amount you use keeps it clean.  I LOVE salads.  My favorite meal.  You can mix them up so many ways and use so many ingredients they are never the same.  Now if i could just find a dressing I like that is not ranch.

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.”
~Denis Waitley