Winning the War on Weeds

May 7, 2010

Do you see them!!!! Trying to take over my flower beds… This bed was pristine until we had a light, yes LIGHT rain and Voila, they came overnight!!!!! I have to clean this up again to reach a goal of winning the war on weeds, but is this a weed or a beautiful flower plant?

This planter has rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic chives and bell peppers. I usually have a tomato plant but last year it failed, so now I have a zucchini growing.

These two flower beds typically do not have major problems with weeds but after the winter rain it needs a good cleaning. I usually have bark down but the gardener keeps blowing the leaves and taking it with him so I decided to just turn the dirt, Yikes, that is hard work.

Here is the problem area. Crab grass and weeds galore. Takes forever to clean it and trim up the Pineapple sage. So far, two weeks with no new growth. EXCEPT for those dang morning glories.

I usually do not have much trouble in this area. It has a good layer of mulch. I planted peppers there this year.

This area where you see the rocks was taken over by the weeds and the crab grass. I got it all cleaned out last weekend, planted and put in some of the drip line. You can see my winter lettuce still growing. I just cannot eat it all. (Yes, I got lazy and have not picked up the last pile of weeds that I pulled.)

This is the waterfall that is in need of spring cleaning. You can tell by the loss of water flow. That is next on my agenda. Do you see the turtle?

The turtle is in the lower right hand corner of the screen sitting on his rock. My turtle disappeared and this one just appeared about two months later. Now a baby turtle has also appeared. Strange, very strange.

So there you have it. Now to have a talk with my gardener and ask him to keep up with his responsibilities.

I did not take a picture of it, but past the rod iron fence is our dog run. Since I do not use it as that, (We had to have a place to put the puppies while we were gone when we raised Guide Dogs as they were afraid the dogs would fall into the pond and not be able to get out.) I have planted some tomato plants and zucchini. If I do not have tomatoes this year I am going to scream. I have them planted in three different areas in three different kinds of soil.

Hope you enjoyed a tiny tour of my yard. It is so relaxing to just sit and enjoy the beauty after a hard days work. This yard work has made my arms and shoulders stronger too. That pinch plate exercise is amazing.

Three kinds of lettuce, carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, onions, zucchini, three kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, anaheim chili peppers, pineapple sage, thyme, lemon thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, loofa, nasturtium, two kinds of oranges, lemons, Mexican orange fruit of some kind. This is a good spring start.

My 2010 Spring 52DC Final Numbers

May 7, 2010

Here are my final numbers…

CE: 104/98/104
RT: 28/22
CT: 18/14
PG1: Clean one box a week 7/7
PG2: Log Food 30 days 34/30
PG3: Win the war with the weeds (Ha Ha)
PG4: 3600 Challenge 3799/3600

840/800 Walking/Cardio (Plus 140 casual minutes)
830/800 Band
420/400 Uphill Steps
325/300 Pinch Plate Curl
320/300 Leg Curl/Leg Extension
310/300 LAT Pull down
310/300 Shoulder Press
224/200 Doorway Stretch
220/200 Weighted Russian Twist

Thank You and Just Do It!

May 7, 2010

Back in October of 2008 I joined my first 52DC and Kongholiday gave me some wonderful advice.

“welcome to the challenge dynamics. I just completed my first 52 day challenge in the fall challenge a few weeks ago. I know you’ll do fine. The best piece of advice I have for right now is to come here every day and post in the thread. No matter what. Especially if you feel yourself slipping. Here’s where you will get support for that. There is a tendancy if you feel yourself slipping to not want to come on here and let everyone know, you feel like you are letting everyone down. That is the exact wrong thing to do. Get on here and post so we can help you get back on track. Don’t just disappear and come back at the end of the challenge thinking well, I flubbed this one up. Let us know what is going on so we can help while there is still time. You’ll do fine, welcome to the challenge!!!”

This was fantastic advice. I also got advice from TNT Man who was teaching me not to say I cannot do it but I WILL! BBM was there to push me along and get my butt out of bed. She always showed me encouragement and her advice was like gold.

Today I have finished my FIFTH official challenge. I went from doing no exercise to finishing a 3600 challenge! Now that is what I call progress. I am in the best shape of my life!

Thank you to everyone who posted. Thank you to everyone who gave me compliments and advice. Thank you to everyone who shared.

My goal on my first challenge was to make exercise automatic. Now I just do it. Pick up the Thera bands and do some reps. I have found ways to just do it!!! Be it a quick workout or an extensive workout. I just do it. “What was I thinking” Yep, that saying is history. I know what I was thinking. Just do it!!!

Thank you everyone

Small Update

May 5, 2010

The 52-day challenge is winding down. I had to work my butt off to accomplish this challenge. I felt I got behind and did too much this last weekend. However, I accomplished all my goals with a day to spare.

Today, I almost blew a CE. My mom offered me fast food chicken. I was starving and busy and thought, hey I can save some time. But I thought, geez, to lose it this close to the end is pure ridiculous. Why work so hard for 50 days and then lose it two days before the end.

I went to the doctor yesterday and was not happy. He did not check my grip strength or anything. I do not want to bore you. I guess I will not know how much stronger I am. I will just say that I feel stronger and I can do so much more. Yeah to “The Big Book of Exercises” and my new Physical Therapist. Yeah to the people on the 52DC who have guided me, supported me and let me learn from their posts. I would not be where I am today without all of them.

It made me feel good on this challenge and the last that I was able to give some of what I learned and challengers actually used it.

Tomorrow I will take pictures of my yard and show you all my hard work. The war on weeds. LOL… Yeah, what was I thinking? I will say, I have stayed on top of it and got so much done. I just wish I had taken before pictures. I will try to go out tomorrow and pick any stray weeds. I had to use a poison on the morning glories that were taking over and I accidentally sprayed my zucchini. Yikes! I also accidentally sprayed a small pepper plant too. It did kill the morning glories so we will see if they come back. Hopefully the zucchini will recover. It was growing so well.

Okay, guys, see you in a day or two with the pictures and my final results.

Lots of Things Going On

April 25, 2010

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been neglectful but I have been having the energy and drive to get so much done so I jumped on it.

My planters are looking great. One more day of minor pulling of some wild morning glories and I have won the war on weeds. This challenge needs to hurry up and finish before they come back. We all know they will. I got my garden all planted and my drip line fixed and new drip line added to the garden. I just need to try to remember how to set the timer and hope the facet dose not leak and I am good to go. I planted in the flowerbeds this year. I figured more veggies are good. In addition, last year I struggled and received very few tomatoes so I planted tomatoes all over the yard. I had better get at least one good producing plant. Because I did this, I will probably be overwhelmed with veggies. This year I am going to try to make sun dried tomatoes in the dehydrator. Yummy.

I slacked a bit on my 3600 workout and got a tad behind. It is harder to judge than just a RT or CT. The last three days I have been doing tons. I would just pop in and do 20 Russian Twists. I will build up my numbers. My shoulders are burning, but not hurting so that is a good thing. I would never push myself to hurting. I am so much stronger and it is evident on the amount of work I can do. The pinch plate, OMG, I could only do one and the first time I dropped the plates. Now I am up to 10 PER hand. This is taking it gentle. If I pushed I might be able to do 13 15, but I will not go back to pain. LAT pull downs. They are getting easier and easier. Only thing I cannot do is knees. I cannot do lunges or squats. After this challenge, I am going to find a way to build up so I can do those by the next challenge.

Does anybody know the next step? Is it more reps or a bigger weight?

The insurance company once again has denied my doctor. They sent me to him not more than nine months ago. I hate searching for new doctors. Moreover, it has to be on their list. They will not let you even interview them. You pick from a list and that is it. Last time I was able to find some of the doctors online. Seeing a picture helps and reading about their practice helps. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I did some raw dehydrating. I have some Rawnola in the dehydrator right now. Yummy, it is so good. Those of you who like granola would absolutely love this stuff. It has macadamia nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, coconut, cinnamon, pear, orange juice and orange zest and vanilla and once it is dried, yummy. I also tried a new recipe for carrot crackers.

I miss not have crunch in my diet so trying some raw dehydrated crackers I thought might help. The carrot crackers only have carrots, almonds, flax and garlic. All healthy. I hope they taste good.

I made some lemon cookies, healthy, and they were delicious but tooooo much coconut. I thought using the raw coconut they would taste okay, but I realllllyyyyy do NOT like coconut. That sucks.

Has anybody ever tried raw eating? I will type up the recipes and post them here if anyone wants to try them.

Today, I have to clean up the kitchen and get my veggies ready for next week.

The 52DC is winding down so I will be working hard on my 3600 challenge. Many of the exercises on my list can be done throughout the day. Not as great of a workout maybe but I can get them done without overdoing my shoulders. The walking will be tough. I think next weekend that will be my goal; Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday just get the miles DONE. I do not want to fail on this challenge. I will succeed. There is no other option.


April 7, 2010

Sorry I have been away. Life sucks sometimes and you just have to do what you have to do. Sad, very sad.

I have been keeping up with my clean eating. This is pretty easy for me during the challenges. I fall and sometimes fall hard afterward. I need to keep up the hard work all the time and just take an occasional cheat and not going overboard in between challenges.

I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been. I am in less pain and my range of motion is so much better. I am so amazed at how much more I can do now. I love the Physical Therapist that taught me some key things that have made all the difference in my recovery process. I just wish I had met her years ago.

Therefore, I have been working hard in my yard and working on getting the drip line fixed (yes, my gardener did a job on it and my Malibu lights.) He and I will be having a talk once I get everything fixed and all the weeds pulled. “Do what you say you are going to do and do it right all the time.” Geez. What is up with people NOT doing their jobs? It is so frustrating to me.

Again, I want to say this “Big Book of Exercises” is an amazing book. The best I have ever found. The pictures of each exercise and clear and easy to followed by a beginner or advanced person. The cost is within anyone’s reach.

I have been dappling in raw eating. Some interesting concepts. I am going to try a green monster aka green smoothie soon. Take one banana, one-cup milk of your choice and two cups of spinach (optional: one tblspn. Flax meal) and blend it up and yummy. They claim you can NOT taste the spinach. Have any of your tried a green smoothie. People swear by these. There are all kinds of recipes with different ingredients. Seems these are supper healthy for you and gives you great energy and rejuvenates you skin.

Brooklyn is coming this weekend. My daughter and her derby friends are doing the “Warrior Dash”. For those of you not familiar with this. It is 3.08 Hellish miles with 12 obstacles. At the end, a Fireman/Woman will hose you off. My daughter is going for the fun and will be sticking by her NON-athletic friends. There are 13 waves and a maximum of 500 people per wave. WHAT!!! That is a lot of people. Anybody ever ran one of these races?

Well that is all for now. Good night.

Two Days Down

March 18, 2010

I have just about completed two days of the 52DC. The thing I love about this challenge is having to post. I was so tired I did not want to do my workout this morning/evening. I also did not want to post no numbers. That is one reason this challenge works for me. The other reason is I have a few friends who keep and eye on me and push me if they see I am slacking or just to keep me motivated. This is a good thing.

I tired this new thing today. Up/down my step. I was able to get my heart rate up to 140 and the legs quivering. I think I will do that randomly as a bonus. I was thrilled to get my heart rate back down quickly. Having a HR watch is amazing. I know it is not very accurate but it is close. I had the doctor check it for me. Tomorrow I will be on a couple flight of stairs and will see what the difference is working on a flight of stairs versus one step.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have a few errands to run so I will be stopping off at the lake to get in a few miles and see the damage the weather did. I hope that it is not too bad.

Saturday Brooklyn is coming for a sleep over. Brooklyn is my daughter’s beagle puppy. He is adorable. We will spend Saturday fixing my drip line that my lovely gardener demolished. If my fingers are strong enough, I want to add drip line to my garden before I plant it next weekend. Maybe I will have better results with watering on a timer.

I am trying to figure out what to plant this year. Tomatoes, Anaheim chili peppers, carrots, zucchini and bell peppers. I already have garlic and onions in the ground. Oh, I want to try my hand again with potatoes. I got about five potatoes last time on my little experiment. Sweet potatoes/yams would be good to try this year also. Of course, I have parsley, basil, rosemary, pineapple sage, thyme. I think I will pass on the watermelon and pumpkin. They take up so much room. After this weekend, I will know if I can expand my garden to the planter areas without too much difficulty.

There you have it. A busy few days. I hope you all have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

52DC Workout

March 13, 2010

Okay, this is what I will be doing for the 52DC. I hope I got it right. Once I start doing this routine I will be able to tell if it is okay or not. I will modify and make changes after the first week. Any suggestions, comments or ideas. As far as my stair challenge, I will be doing that at the book store, doctors’ office and various places while out and about.

I am exclusively using The Big Book of Exercises, the Bowflex and what I have learned from Physical Therapy.

OMG, what am I thinking…

Pinch Plate (Plates) 177

Walk/Cardio – HR H2
Weighted Russian Twist (Plate) 334
Half Kneeling Rotation (Pole) 335

Standing Cable Pullover (Bowflex) 107
LAT Pull Down (Bowflex) 102
Leg Curl (Bowflex) BK 30#

Walk/Cardio – Fat Burn P2
Pinch Plate (Plates) 177
Shoulder Press (Pole) 116
Plate Front Raise (Plate) 125
Dumbbell Overhead Triceps 168 and/or 169

LAT Pull Down (Bowflex) 102
Standing Cable Pullover (Bowflex) 107
Leg Curl (Bowflex) BK 30#
Doorway Stretch 66
Straight Leg Calf Raise 229

Doorway Stretch 66
Straight Leg Calf Raise 229
Shoulder Press (Pole) 116
Weighted Russian Twist (Plate) 334
Half Kneeling Rotation (Pole) 335

Walk/Cardio – Outside

Can I do this? Yes I can…. TNT Man: I have come a long way and I WILL do this!!!!

I have my routine printed out and taped to the wall so I can see what to do. I also put a copy on my refrigerator. I am having a bulletin board hung over my desk and I will dedicate a whole section to my workouts. I figure if I see the darn thing everyday while working and everyday while in the kitchen, I will have noooooooo excuses to not do this 200%.

I just went up and signed up on the official 52DC page. No going back now. Time to kick this up a notch and get it done!!

√ “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination
~ Tommy Lasorda

Spring 2010 52DC

March 12, 2010

I am going to do the Spring 2010 52DC that starts on Wednesday the 17th of March.  I am going to push myself!    One of my goals is the 3600 Challenge.  This is heavy duty for me.  The last challenge I kicked butt so I feel confident I can do this.  There is a lot of support from the forum to help me accomplish my goals.  BBM is in my corner and she will give me the extra push I might need if I start to drag.  She helped me get up early in the morning to workout and that is imperative to being successful with this next challenge.

CE: 98/104

RT:  22

CT:  14

PG1:  Clean one box a week 0/7

PG2:  Log Food 30 days 0/30 (I use Calorie King Software)

PG3:  Win the war with the weeds (Ha Ha)

PG4:  3600 Challenge

800 ‑ Walking/Cardio = 4 X 30 min.  (1 X Treadmill HR H2 Fat Burn and 1 X P2 Level 2 +)

800 – Band = 3 X week

400 ‑ Uphill Steps = 56 steps – 2 floors – 1 x week

300 ‑ Pinch Plate Curl = 2 x week

300 ‑ Leg Curl/Leg Extension = 2 x week @ 30#

300 ‑ LAT Pull down = 2 x week (Wide pull downs and triceps pull down @ 30#)

300 ‑ Shoulder Press = 2 x week

200 ‑ Doorway Stretch = 2 x week

200 ‑ Weighted Russian Twist = 2 x week

This is tentative.  I have a few more days to decide but for now, I think I am going to push myself and do this.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we did all of the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.
-Thomas Edison