Physical Therapy

September 29, 2009

I went to Physical Therapy this morning and am happy to post that I am getting stronger and stronger. I was placed on this biofeedback machine measuring my muscles. Apparently, my muscles and brain are working great together. I am now doing three sets of 15 on this machine. I do not know the name of the exercises but great strength training. I am trying to mimic these exercises on my Bowflex. I was also allowed to ride the posture bike. I range between 6.5 and 7.4 mph. The PT let me ride for 18 minutes. I burned like 350 calories and rode 5.5 miles. I feel great and have tons of energy. I think because I am now sleeping better, no constant shoulder pains. I am going to continue going to PT until the doctor says to stop because it forces me to workout. I am going to start putting on my tennis shoes and coming home and walking on my treadmill to finish my workout since I am no longer hiking. I keep trying to find a walking buddy, but it is hard. Complete stranger obtained from the internet is a scary thing. I found one woman who walks with a group of women at the local community college, but they walk at night, which is not good for me. I will keep looking. If you know a reputable web site, send it my way. Until then, I will continue with PT. Once that is done, I will go back to walking at the lake by myself. I sure miss the challenge of my mountain.

Off to work. Have a great day everyone.

Blogging with Pictures

September 13, 2009

I am turning my blog into more than a 52DC blog. I want to learn how to take and post pictures so everyone can see what I am eating, baking and growing et cetera.

One of the girls on the blog told me she puts canned green beans in her omelet. I never thought of that and had tried it a few days ago. The egg omelet was delicious and so filling. It did not take any longer too make than anything else because of my storing techniques.

For those of you who know me and follow me, I now put my food in jars and “Food Saver” containers. For me, to grab and go is working. Since I cannot eat a whole can of green beans and they taste weird if left in the can, I have a jar I use to help keep them fresh.

After going to the Farmers Market, I always cut up many of the veggies I buy so they are handy to just throw in a salad or a meal. Cuts down on prep time and cuts down on “what should I eat now.

I will be trying my best to perfect this picture taking and picture posting. You have to cut the size down or it will not upload onto the blog. I still am unsure exactly what size works. I see some blogs have it where you can click on the picture and it opens bigger. Bear with me as I learn how to make this into more than a 52DC blog.

I will try and remember to take pictures of my meals. Right now I think I better go outside and take some pictures of my Spaghetti Squash before it is all gone.

That’s it for now. See you later.

Time to Move On

September 5, 2009

All good things must end. It is sad to say, I will no longer be walking/hiking with my cousin. Everyone must decide how much he or she is willing to take and to be able to continue on. You have to decide if all the bad is worth the good. I have been pushed over the brink and have decided the good is not worth all the bad. I am moving on.

It is sad in that I now have no one to hike with. The trails I am trying to conquer and all the new trails to be tried are not something you can safely do alone. Too many things can go wrong, from falling to wild animals to health concerns.

I have gone online to a reputable web site and found two girls who live in my area. Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared off the site. I will keep trying to think of ways to find people who like to do what I like to do. People who want to work on goals. People who like a challenge. People who like to change it up. People who are reputable and know how to honor a commitment with time and date.

Until then, I have gotten out my treadmill book and plan to program it to mimic the mountains and see if I can do this instead. One other option is to head to the lake, get in some cardio, and walk about 3 5 miles. This is flat walking and does not have the challenges mountains do, but better than nothing.

I will not let her stop me. I will continue with my journey. The next time she happens to run into me, she will be surprised that I can and will succeed no matter what is thrown my way. This just gives me the extra push I need to continue working hard!

Go Me!!!!!

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”
~Dave Mustaine

Goodbye my road

Until we meet again

I WILL conquer you

The future awaits us both


August 27, 2009

Went on a hike on today. We started up our mountain and decided to go a side way and take another look at the hill we could not get up. It was overgrown with brush. We did have a nice walk trying to figure out the history of the park. There was a fire and we were trying to figure out what was in this one spot. A house? A Ranger’s house? We then went up the path from the closed park up to the road. A little steep, but we made it. Then we headed down our normal road. Got in two miles only. Not a long hike but hard enough.

It was 2.18 miles, 6300 steps, 3843 aerobic steps and calories were 344. I did have a MRP drink before leaving and although I feel hungry, not tremendously, but my blood sugars stayed stable enough. I think I might have to follow the directions and do the three scoops and 12 oz of water and see how that works.

I stopped at the store and picked up some lean beef. I think I need more protein. I also picked up a watermelon. I seem to lose weight when I eat the watermelon. Probably water weight, be hey, at least the scale moves and the pants fit.

I am very tired. Not sure what I am lacking, but something is not right. I am requiring way too much sleep. Maybe upping the protein will help.

I figured out how to add a picture and this is about half way up the mountain we could not get to the top of. The picture does not do it justice but you can get an idea. I am going to try to take my camera and take a picture of the road we always walk on next time so you can see what I talk about all the time.

OMG, what were we thinking.

OMG, what were we thinking.

By the way. this was taken after walking/crawling through a rough spot. The grade was so steep our tiny backpacks almost toppled us backwards. This is about halfway up the mountain. We started our walk/hike way past that green grass area and came up the side mountain to get to the bottom of this trail.

Okay everyone, have a great day.


August 26, 2009

Today I went back to the lake to walk with my mom. I am so proud of her. She is doing better and walking faster and lasting longer and not WHINNING anymore. She just wants to keep on walking. Losing so much weight really gives her more energy.

I love my pedometer. Here are the figures for today. Walking with my mom is a whole different routine.
Walk 1.73 miles
Dog petted 5
4996 steps
4353 aerobic steps
247 cal burned
Fun information ONLY.

I had my MRP this morning before walking which worked out great. I do not like eating just went I get up and I like to sleep until the last possible second. When I got home from the walk I fixed my normal breakfast. Will have lunch and dinner and maybe one more meal or 1/2 a MRP drink with some berries. I am going to try this MRP drink a few more days and if it continues to work for me, I will go back and get the strawberry so I have some choices, unless they have banana, yum.

Busy today so I have to run. I hope you all have a great day.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
-Jim Ryun


August 21, 2009

I popped in to this new wholesale store planning to buy Optimum Nutrition Gold Whey. They had a one-pound container for only 11 bucks. Better than spending 30 bucks and not liking the taste. Bad thing is that they did not have the one pounder, only the two pounder at 20 bucks. They only had the one pounder on their web site. Since I was also looking for a meal replacement, the girl talked me into getting Myolean. $30 bucks later. Grr. However, this looked great and will work as a meal replacement and a PW drink.

What I am doing now is NOT working. I quit every single solitary sliver of any bread or pasta and I gained four pounds. I weigh more than I have ever weighed. Eating the bread and pasta on occasion, at least my weight was stable. Even a pizza here and there did not cause me to gain like this. I am so confused; I just do not know what to do. Maybe I should go on the Grapefruit diet. LOL

I did pick up a case of green beans. I love them and quit eating them to eat fresh. Fresh does not appear to be working

Therefore, my plan is to use the canned green beans as an occasional veggie during time constraints. Bread for a sandwich here and there and PB toast on occasion. I will go back to my hard-boiled egg sandwich on occasion. I will go back to eating those red beans on occasion also. Otherwise, I will continue my fresh clean eating as I always have.

Eating 5-6 meals, well, I am going to try the meal replacement when I get up, three meals and after a HARD workout another drink. I hope that will work. (Hoping to kick start my metabolism first thing.)

Since I have already started the 52DC, I will still count this as clean eating as it is the plan I am going on and it is still acceptable under the guidelines. I will have to start this on Sunday since I will be going to the farmers market. It will still be clean eating to me and I will log it as such. (I am afraid to open the jar and taste this protein, especially since it cost 30 bucks.)

I am going to order my veggie pizza on Saturday night. Is this considered clean, hmm, not sure? What do you think?

One of my goals is to read. I will be doing research on the plus and minus of working out in the a.m. or the p.m. For me personally, maybe an a.m. workout would be better.

I will keep changing things until I get the balance right and then look out. LOL

Okay, anyone with suggestions, feel free. This is like politics, everyone has their opinions on what is right and what works. Bring it on…

Day 6

August 16, 2009

My darling daughter stopped by today and we spent some time with the free weights. She showed me a lot of things. I hope I can remember them. One great thing that she showed me was how to use the Bowflex to do free weights. Sometimes I feel like if I could just pop in and do a few minutes I might like it better. Sometimes the Bowflex is so all time consuming and difficult.

I need to buy a chair and a bigger mirror. I also need to pick up a 2 or 3-pound set of weights.

I am going to try some of the shoulder exercises she taught me that she did while in PT. I have to stop being a wooze and just try it. If it hurts then I can stop but I need to see how much this shoulder will let me do. Enough of doing nothing or just stretches.

My whey expired so I have been researching something new. Also researching meal replacement. Lots of commentary out there. I think I am going to try ON as they have a 1# container for 12 bucks.

I saw a new store opening up. I will pop in next week and see if they have any samples. I would hate to spend 30 bucks on whey and it be so terrible tasting I would not want to drink it.

I decided not to do the 52DC, as I am still a little miffed and not up to dealing with that person. I might just do it here on my log. I know it is effective and helpful. I will let you know come Wednesday the start of the new 52DC.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying clean.