May 14, 2010

Hi everyone. Just wanted to pop in and update on how things are going. I am excited. This workout I am doing if fantastic. I have so much energy. I think now I want to work on my cardio. How long and how fast do you think one should walk to build it up? I need to get on my mountain. Anyone want to walk with me. It is a mile of up and down to the top and a mile of up and down back down. It sure can get your heart rate up. I was doing quite well until my cousin bailed on me. I was able to make it three quarters of the way up without resting. I think my mind made me stop. I knew the last hill was a killer and I had better rest (on my favorite rock) while I could. There are not many places to sit and rest. On the way down, none stop. If it was not for the secluded location and the wild animals (I have never see one, just evidence that they had been there during the night.) I would walk alone.

This weekend I am freeeeee. I think I will install some new software, get my Neat Receipts upgrade in, and bring my files up-to-date.

How about you? What are your plans?

Have a great weekend everyone.

No Clue

March 13, 2010

My daughter and I were killing time at the mall and we headed into GNC. I thought, gee why I am here I will pick up a couple of protein bars. The person had no clue, none. They had one bar I buy but it was twice the size. He had no clue it came smaller even though they sell it by the box in the smaller size. My daughter is a vegetarian and she wanted info on Whey to see if she can have it and yada yada. He has no clue. He went and asked his manager and he had no clue and sent us to the meal replacement section. We walked out wondering how anybody can learn and know what to buy if the sales people do not have the answers.

We went to Red Robin for lunch and I had my favorite lunch shrimp. Yummy. I substitute the yucky coleslaw for fruit. It was great to have this lunch now because it definitely is not clean. Ranch dressing, tartar sauce and deep fried breaded shrimp and fat fries. I did get water instead of the sugar loaded Dr. Pepper.

We headed to a clothing store and I tried on a shirt. The one shirt looked great but it hung off my shoulders a bit. The next size down was a tiny bit snug. So, we decided since I should lose some more weight to buy the smaller shirt. Huge incentive. I will hang this shirt on the hook to look at daily until it fits loser on my body. This worked great with the jeans. I really hate that I am in between sizes on everything. I need to work hard to break that size barrier and then I can do a huge closet clean.

I had so many interruptions yesterday I have to work today.

Tomorrow I am hitting up the farmers market and getting ready for the next 52DC. I will be working again on the yard. I figure a few more weeks and I can plant my next crop and hopefully my pinch grip with be strong enough to design and hook up the drip line.

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend and that the weather is nice for everyone.

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
-Conrad Hilton


June 13, 2009

Busy day today. Ran a bunch of errands. Can you believe I actually walked over two miles just running those errands? I am one of those people who parks at the end of the parking lot and parks by the farthest entrance just to get in more steps. When I was in Physical therapy, the office was right next to a Gym. It was hilarious watching all those people “fight” for the front parking space. They were going in to workout so why fight to be in front? Why did they not park at the end of the parking lot and jog in?

I got many boxes unpacked today. My shoulders and arms are sore. I would definitely count this as a RT. Tomorrow I have to do my files. The workers’ took all my files and piled them on the bathroom floor and the other file cabinet they dropped and all the files went flying so everything is a jumbled up mess. Good opportunity to get things in order and purge and purge and purge.

My cousin emailed me. She is home and wants to start walking/hiking again. She has been doing something because she said she lost 20 pounds. Strange, she was not walking with me and kept cancelling. I am happy for her. She is craving companionship and I think she will be looking for a man very soon.

I got my Bowflex back up and my treadmill is plugged in. Stereo is also working. I got the performance ball out of the closet, which is one-step closer. Now to remember where I put the DVD. I hope that I can find it tomorrow and start using that ball.

I am very tired. I feel like I worked out way to much. A good nights sleep and I will be ready to do it again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone.

My Plans

June 9, 2009

I feel like for a bit I need to post my activities and try to keep on this path I am on. Scotti, the dog I am watching is going home late Wednesday night. Thursday I want to get back into my regular routine and try to get some inches off. I have been doing more reading and thing I will crank up the level of the treadmill. When I was hiking/walking in the mountains, I felt much better and felt like I could possibly lose some inches over time. I will try different levels and see how it feels. Time to probably wear that stupid heart monitor strap; you know the one that is not easy for disabled people to attach. The treadmill to me feels like it is not as effective as actually being in the mountains or streets. I suppose time will tell. I will post when I can.