July 24, 2010

I went hiking today. I made it past the County line. My upper stomach was bloated and hard. My fingertips got blue. I felt like crap. I could not force myself to go to the top. Mad at myself.

I did some research and my blood sugar was low. It has been a long time since I had a reaction and first time like this. I know I had a week with my mom eating crap and a week of not hungry and not eating well at all. I think this all added up to a too strenuous hike. I was not fueling my body properly, especially for this grueling climb in the heat. Lesson learned.

I know better, I know better!

This once again proves you have to eat clean!!!! To live a good live you have to eat clean and take care of your body. I wasted a whole day. I did not even feel well enough to work. I ate all day long trying to get my body bad to feeling good. Finally at about 10 p.m. I had energy, felt hydrated and was raring to go. I headed to bed. Thankfully, my job allows me to work the weekends.

This morning I feel great. I made my normal breakfast and plan on conquering this week with gusto. I will fuel properly and conquer the mountain on Friday. I cannot believe how stupid I was to back slide and ruin all the work I have done. I am hoping this well will shape me up and get me back on track.

After researching, here is what I learned…

I am supposed to eat breakfast 2-3 hours before a hike. (Hiking at 8:00 requires a normal last minute wake up call of 6:30. If I plan to eat 2-3 hours before a wake up call would be 4:30-5:30. Yikes! Not gonna happen.) Okay, I will just eat a great breakfast as early as I can. The Meal Replacement Protein Product is not an option before hiking.

For dinner the night before, they recommended spaghetti with a sauce with mushrooms and a sprinkling of cheese. Add a few pieces of bread and Bingo; you should be ready for a hike the next day.

Of course, another option for dinner is a great steak, potatoes and a side of vegetables.

Either one is doable.

Funny, I found a forum and they recommended going to McDonald’s for breakfast…Yikes. Are they kidding me?

I am struggling with dehydration and drink and drink. Once again, this I am sure is from my lack of clean eating. In addition, I am starving and never full. Again, a sign of crappy eating and not eating at all.

Life is one big learning event.

All not eating does is make you fat!!! All not eating does is make you weak. All not eating does is give you lack of energy. All not eating does is give you a big ole pimple on your chin… Well, I cannot blame that one on not eating.

Suggestions? Recommendations? How do you fuel yourself for a grueling uphill hike?

Off to work I go. 


July 22, 2010

Those that asked, I finally posted some basic recipes. I will add the rest as I have time. I hope you enjoy them.

It was interesting to go back and look at some of the recipes I used to make. Lemon Roasted Potatoes had one cup of Olive oil and one stick of butter for only 3-6 large potatoes…Yikes.

Bon appetite.

Blogging, Canning and Stuff

July 22, 2010

I watched the news and saw a segment on Food Bloggers/Dieters.  They show how to take pictures and make the food look great.  This rolls over to Dieters.  The better your food looks the more enjoyment you get.  One hint they used was to use your best china.  Why wait.  Make your eating enjoyment memorable.  The best hint was to use cloth napkins.  Makes your meal feel more elegant.  These are such simple things you can do.

I know I have many smaller plates I use for my meals.  I can fill the plates up but keep the portions down low.  I buy beautiful plates one at a time.

I know I am supposed to just sit and eat but I always have the TV on or I am reading a book.  Multitasking.  They say this is bad. You need to sit and enjoy the foot one bite at a time and let your stomach come up to your brain.  I feel like it wastes time.  How about you?  Do you multitask while eating?

I am delving into canning and reading up on it.  I need a pressure canner.  Well, not in the budget.  I do have a pressure cooker.  I found the instruction book and was so excited to see I have a pressure cooker/canner.  Yahoo.  It is small and will only do four pint or half pint jars at a time, but that works for me.

I see all the jams use so much sugar.  I need to find a recipe with less sugar without compromising the taste and texture.  Does anyone out there do any canning?

In two days, I will be hitting my road again with my new friend. She has not been very successful, nor have I.  We have agreed to get to the top, or the very least to the bottom of the last really tough hill.  If we have to take a rest to get there, we will.  I have done it before and I am so much stronger now.  I can walk half way up the hill without stopping and my breathing is not horrible.  It is my noodle legs that stop me.

It is time to get back on the Bowflex, which I have stopped using.  I am seriously paying for it now.  The 52DC keeps me on track and I have gotten lazy and not working out very hard.  I bought a step and have not even used it once.  I was so gung ho and just have shoved everything off.  I am struggling getting out of bed.  I need BBM to give me a strong lecture or even Lazydays to boom at me.  LOL

Okay, I must get to work.  I think putting this in words for all to see will help motivate me to get out of bed and get moving.

What I Have Learned So Far!

March 7, 2010

Things I have learned so far.

1. I found an awesome physical therapist who taught me a lot about the way my shoulder works. She gave me lots and lots of ways to work on my range of motion and my muscle strength. After doing so great on this 52DC and seeing my progress, I guess she knew what to do to make me stronger. I have not felt this fine in such a long time.

2. The “Big Book of Exercises” is amazing. What more can I say. Go now and buy it. You will not regret it. The cost is so minimal. Just learning the “pinch plate” exercise was worth the cost of the book but there is so much more inside. I absolutely love it.

3. Clean easy works if you are prepared. Not being prepared is asking for trouble.

4. Trying new things is amazing. Look at my vegetable challenge to get an idea.

5. Never, never believe a label. Never, never believe that scale. Always go by inches and how you feel and how you look. Numbers will make you go insane. I saw a You Tube video the other day on how to lose 10 pounds in just 10 minutes. Amazing.

6. Keep your 52DC friends close. The support they give you is irreplaceable.

7. Do not rely on friends. Just get outside and walk with or without them. Waiting for them just makes you lazy and does not get you anywhere close to your goals.

8. Borrow Brooklyn as much as you can because he is a fantastic workout partner.

9. That is all I can think of for now.

If you have any ideas you want to share, feel free to leave a comment. A lot of what I have learned is from other people and by reading lots and lots of books and websites.