Day 18

August 14, 2010

Here are new updated numbers. Only two days left. I am doing pretty good. I feel good that I am working out. I may not be perfect, but doing quite a bit. Summer is a busy time for me. I do a lot of yard work, which are great RT and some cardio. Brooklyn comes and we get a lot of cardio in running around the back yard. I feel good.

RT: 9/13/20

CT: 7/9/30

PG1: 13-4-30: 9/13

PG2: Eat more protein (Struggling with this. I have to do a google search and make a list of protein foods.)

PG3: Read one book (Beginning Running – 0/320 pages) My Janet Evanovich book came in from the Library so I have to read that. I only have three weeks before I have to return it.

PG4: Limit my time sitting on my ass.

My tomato plant if blooming with tomatoes. They are delicious. I am going to give a hand at canning a few jars. I am also going to try to can a few cucumbers into pickles. Next year my goals are to have a better garden to cut down my expenses. Read, Read, read and learn, learn, learn is the key.

We headed up my road this morning. A lot of people are on it on Saturday Mornings. A lot of men. Yikes. Not a place to be by yourself. No offence Men, but you know, this place is secluded. We walked slow and make it to the top in record time. I even ran a bit. LOL…Yes, watching me run is funny.

Okay, off to make some salad.

Day 6

August 2, 2010

RT: 1/13/20

CT:  2/9/30

PG1:  13-4-30:  3/13

PG2:  Eat more protein

PG3:  Read one book (Beginning Running –  0/320 pages)

PG4:  Limit my time sitting on my ass.

I did very well on eating more protein.  Lots of fresh veggies. My garden is in full production.  My shoulders are getting trim but my belly just hates me.  I am going to step up the cardio and see if that helps.

I dehydrated some zucchini for bread and made some crackers.  I also dried some zucchini and sprinkled on some pink salt. OMG, they are so yummy.  This is such a great snack without all the grease and calories.

Now for the fantastic news….  I will post it in another post to keep the recipe section cleaner.  Soft serve ice cream…  You guys will not believe the taste.  It is amazing.  Only takes five minutes to make.  I am looking forward to buying some bananas and trying different flavors.  Maybe throw in a strawberry or blueberry.  How about peanut butter.  I hope you guys try this and let me know what you think.

Here We Go…

July 26, 2010

Time to get my act together…

I am going to challenge myself daily.  I need to buy a new pair of jeans.  I want to be in a smaller size before forking over the cost of a new pair.  Here is what I came up with for 30 days.    I hope that I can get in a smaller size.  Right now, I am only inches from buttoning that top button.

I would like to do a 13-4-30. Which would be 13 RT exercise sessions lasting at least 30 minutes.  That would equate to three times a week.

That also means an RT of 13/30.

Cardio would be 9/30 or twice a week (Minimum of 30 minutes.)

In true 52DC format which works for me…

RT: 13/20

CT:  9/30

PG1:  13-4-30:  0/13

PG2:  Eat more protein

PG3:  Read one book  (Runner’s World Complete Book of Beginning Running by Amby Burfoot  320 pages)

PG4:  Limit my time sitting on my ass.

Okay, here we go.


July 24, 2010

I went hiking today. I made it past the County line. My upper stomach was bloated and hard. My fingertips got blue. I felt like crap. I could not force myself to go to the top. Mad at myself.

I did some research and my blood sugar was low. It has been a long time since I had a reaction and first time like this. I know I had a week with my mom eating crap and a week of not hungry and not eating well at all. I think this all added up to a too strenuous hike. I was not fueling my body properly, especially for this grueling climb in the heat. Lesson learned.

I know better, I know better!

This once again proves you have to eat clean!!!! To live a good live you have to eat clean and take care of your body. I wasted a whole day. I did not even feel well enough to work. I ate all day long trying to get my body bad to feeling good. Finally at about 10 p.m. I had energy, felt hydrated and was raring to go. I headed to bed. Thankfully, my job allows me to work the weekends.

This morning I feel great. I made my normal breakfast and plan on conquering this week with gusto. I will fuel properly and conquer the mountain on Friday. I cannot believe how stupid I was to back slide and ruin all the work I have done. I am hoping this well will shape me up and get me back on track.

After researching, here is what I learned…

I am supposed to eat breakfast 2-3 hours before a hike. (Hiking at 8:00 requires a normal last minute wake up call of 6:30. If I plan to eat 2-3 hours before a wake up call would be 4:30-5:30. Yikes! Not gonna happen.) Okay, I will just eat a great breakfast as early as I can. The Meal Replacement Protein Product is not an option before hiking.

For dinner the night before, they recommended spaghetti with a sauce with mushrooms and a sprinkling of cheese. Add a few pieces of bread and Bingo; you should be ready for a hike the next day.

Of course, another option for dinner is a great steak, potatoes and a side of vegetables.

Either one is doable.

Funny, I found a forum and they recommended going to McDonald’s for breakfast…Yikes. Are they kidding me?

I am struggling with dehydration and drink and drink. Once again, this I am sure is from my lack of clean eating. In addition, I am starving and never full. Again, a sign of crappy eating and not eating at all.

Life is one big learning event.

All not eating does is make you fat!!! All not eating does is make you weak. All not eating does is give you lack of energy. All not eating does is give you a big ole pimple on your chin… Well, I cannot blame that one on not eating.

Suggestions? Recommendations? How do you fuel yourself for a grueling uphill hike?

Off to work I go. 

Hiking Bomb

July 16, 2010

I went hiking again today.  The woman I hike with could not make it up more than 1/3 of the way not even to the top of the first tough hill.  We had to turn around and go back down.  He walked to the closed park so I could show her and she was done.  We only walked 35 minutes and just a mere mile. Yikes. Not good, not good at all.  It was so humid and hot.  My pants were sticking to me.  Next week I asked her if she would rather walk around the lake.  It is flat but I hope we can get in 2-3 miles.  This girl was so strong.  I felt bad the first two times just trying to keep up with her.  Strange, very strange.  Even more strange, our hands turned blotchy red/purple and swelled up like there was no tomorrow.

Next week will be our last Friday walk.  She said her old friend wants to walk again and they walk at the college.  She said the hills at the college were harder than my road.  Strange, she can do that but not my road.  They walk on Saturday and Sunday.  I will have to see if I can fit it into my schedule.

My garden is growing like crazy.  I will try to take some pictures of my huge, huge produce.

For now, it has been a long tiring day and I am tired so that is it for now.

My Road and Stuff

July 11, 2010

Another interesting hike up the mountain.  The woman I walk with hurt her knee so we did not make it to high up.  I will say I am NOT stopping and my breathing is so much better. My heart rate is down significantly.  The only problem I have is my knees/legs feel like jelly and I feel like I cannot go up one more foot.  Nevertheless, I do…I push myself to not stop.

I hope that she will be better next week and we can make it to the top.  We only have three more Friday’s and I wanted to make it to the top at least twice.

Eating had been bad, very bad.  I had a week’s vacation and my mom found out so she has been spending a lot of time here and you all know she is a fast food junkie.  I know, I know, I should say no.   Tomorrow I am back on my clean eating.  I will be having a long talk with my mom tonight and explaining why she cannot bring me junk food and why she cannot expect me to compromise my values by taking her to get junk food.  Seems fair.

My garden is thriving.  Lots of zucchini and not my cucumbers are coming in strong.  The lettuce failed.  I think it is just too hot.  I keep planting seed and do not see any growth.  I finally figured it out…birds…. They are EATING my seeds.  Off to find a screen to come the garden until the seeds burst up with greenery.

This week I will have Brooklyn and plan to take advantage.  I think a neighborhood walk daily, a walk around the lake and a walk on the outside of the road is in order.  I think that aught to get me back in shape fast.  It will also help me with my endurance up the road also.

I did purchase the step but the DVD is for intermediate and I just cannot follow or keep up.  I am requesting suggestions for a beginner DVD or some written choreography.  Any body?

That is it for now.  Today is just a plain out lazy day.  I am in the mood to just blow the day away.

The 52DC is winding down. It was nice to see how well everyone did again.  I did not miss the daily posting.  I think I was a little burnt out on that.  I miss the accountability and the encouragement though.  I am not ready to do the next one either.  I need to concentrate on things around her for a bit before making a commitment.

Have a great week everyone.

How Fast We Get Out Of Shape!

July 3, 2010

It has been awhile since I popped in. I have been working hard. I am so strong now and I can accomplish so much. I am taking advantage of my desire to work this hard. My yard looks awesome. My house is coming along.

Now for the good stuff. Those of you who have followed me know I lost my hiking friend and have not walked on my road since last year. Well, I found a potential new walking friend. We started out at the park and hit the road with intentions of just going up a tiny bit. OMG, it killed me. I had to stop. My lungs were going to burst and my knees said…STOP.

Two weeks later, we walked again. I felt like I gave up on the first walk and did not push myself hard enough so this time I said I have to drop dead before I stop. I did really well. We went up about 1/2 mile up the road. I tell you on the way back I was cursing the girl I am walking with. I did not think I would make it. However, we did. Two miles and my legs were jelly.

This girl is amazing. She is the pusher and she really pushes me beyond my limits. This is so much different from my last partner. This is a good thing. I aught to get back in shape quickly.

The problem I have is I was wiped out and could not function the rest of the day. On coming home my face was beat read. I really think I overdid it and was a tad or more dehydrated.

I am going to walk one more time and let her push me beyond my limits and see if I have the same results. I feel like I wasted the weekend just doing nothing of significance.

However, I am sure, if we continue to walk, I will beat this mountain one more time. My ultimate goal is to walk to the top without stopping.

My new walking partner and I got together again. This time I asked her to park by the road. I was afraid of what happened last week. This week was much better. I was strong and pushed myself. I made it to the county line WITHOUT stopping once. I was so proud of myself. It is amazing how well one can do with the right person motivating you. This girl is a lot lighter and a lot stronger than I am and she pushes me to the max. This is amazing. After we came down off the mountain, I felt tired but great so we walked around the complex for another 1/2 mile or so. I was able to rule some errands and I felt amazing all day.

Next week, my goal is to continue working on getting to the top without stopping. I only have three more weeks to do this as my walking partner has her work hours changing.

I have a tad bit of vacation time and hope to get my office finalized. I am going to take advantage, get out every day for a walk around the lake, and work on a hill I found to prepare me for my next walk/hike with my new friend.

My garden is amazing… Does anyone need zucchini? Bell peppers? Lettuce? I have an abundance. NO tomatoes yet. Not sure why. The grasshoppers ate my mint. You now mint that is aggressive and takes over everything. Yep, unless a grasshopper hops in for a meal.

I just baked some zucchini cookies without the chocolate chips. They were as good as I remember. I need to tweak the recipe a bit more before posting. These cookies flattened out and are not a strong cookie but taste great. They still have too much sugar in them. Next time I will cut the sugar even more and maybe put in some raisins or cranberries. Maybe some blueberries.

That is it for now. I have been keeping up with everyone and I love how hard you are all working.

Happy Fourth of July!

Thank You and Just Do It!

May 7, 2010

Back in October of 2008 I joined my first 52DC and Kongholiday gave me some wonderful advice.

“welcome to the challenge dynamics. I just completed my first 52 day challenge in the fall challenge a few weeks ago. I know you’ll do fine. The best piece of advice I have for right now is to come here every day and post in the thread. No matter what. Especially if you feel yourself slipping. Here’s where you will get support for that. There is a tendancy if you feel yourself slipping to not want to come on here and let everyone know, you feel like you are letting everyone down. That is the exact wrong thing to do. Get on here and post so we can help you get back on track. Don’t just disappear and come back at the end of the challenge thinking well, I flubbed this one up. Let us know what is going on so we can help while there is still time. You’ll do fine, welcome to the challenge!!!”

This was fantastic advice. I also got advice from TNT Man who was teaching me not to say I cannot do it but I WILL! BBM was there to push me along and get my butt out of bed. She always showed me encouragement and her advice was like gold.

Today I have finished my FIFTH official challenge. I went from doing no exercise to finishing a 3600 challenge! Now that is what I call progress. I am in the best shape of my life!

Thank you to everyone who posted. Thank you to everyone who gave me compliments and advice. Thank you to everyone who shared.

My goal on my first challenge was to make exercise automatic. Now I just do it. Pick up the Thera bands and do some reps. I have found ways to just do it!!! Be it a quick workout or an extensive workout. I just do it. “What was I thinking” Yep, that saying is history. I know what I was thinking. Just do it!!!

Thank you everyone

Winter 2010 52DC – Finish Line

March 7, 2010

Hi Everyone. Here are my numbers from the last 52DC I did. I worked hard and earned a Platinum plus award. This was my best challenge to date. I finally got the hang of it and blew this challenge out of the water and made all my goals. Here are my final numbers…

CE: 104/104/96
RT: 29/22
CT: 19/14
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum 15/7
PG2: Lose one Jean size
PG3: Read one book and 100 misc. pages
PG4: Try one new vegetable each week 10/7 (Parsnip, butternut squash, pumpkin, kale, yam X 2, A Choy, Sprouts X 3, radish looking thingy.)

New Bonus PG5: Whole Body Workout.

PG1: Walking/Hiking outside is automatic for me. I finally got this PG in check. Finding a place I could walk alone was key. Like vabeachgirl finding someone to be consistent and not cancel was challenging, so I just walk by myself. I miss my mountain hiking, but you have to make changes to succeed. Walking is not as great as hiking but at least I am doing something outside on a regular basis.

PG2: What can I say, I am over the moon. Maybe labeling the jeans with the wrong size actually helped push me harder. Two Sizes….

PG3: I ended up reading three books and too many misc pages to keep track of. I am back. Yeah. I really missed my reading. I ended up reading James Patterson “ The 6th Target ”, “ Preserve it Naturally ” and part of “ Cooking with Fire ”. I am now reading “ The 7th Heaven ” also by James Patterson.

PG4: The vegetable PG was amazing. I found some to die for veggies that I will incorporate into my daily/weekly meals. You all should try this as your PG. Adult tastes and your new lifestyle of eating may make you decide to like something you did not like as a kid or in the past. Go for it!