Day 18

August 14, 2010

Here are new updated numbers. Only two days left. I am doing pretty good. I feel good that I am working out. I may not be perfect, but doing quite a bit. Summer is a busy time for me. I do a lot of yard work, which are great RT and some cardio. Brooklyn comes and we get a lot of cardio in running around the back yard. I feel good.

RT: 9/13/20

CT: 7/9/30

PG1: 13-4-30: 9/13

PG2: Eat more protein (Struggling with this. I have to do a google search and make a list of protein foods.)

PG3: Read one book (Beginning Running – 0/320 pages) My Janet Evanovich book came in from the Library so I have to read that. I only have three weeks before I have to return it.

PG4: Limit my time sitting on my ass.

My tomato plant if blooming with tomatoes. They are delicious. I am going to give a hand at canning a few jars. I am also going to try to can a few cucumbers into pickles. Next year my goals are to have a better garden to cut down my expenses. Read, Read, read and learn, learn, learn is the key.

We headed up my road this morning. A lot of people are on it on Saturday Mornings. A lot of men. Yikes. Not a place to be by yourself. No offence Men, but you know, this place is secluded. We walked slow and make it to the top in record time. I even ran a bit. LOL…Yes, watching me run is funny.

Okay, off to make some salad.

Day 6

August 2, 2010

RT: 1/13/20

CT:  2/9/30

PG1:  13-4-30:  3/13

PG2:  Eat more protein

PG3:  Read one book (Beginning Running –  0/320 pages)

PG4:  Limit my time sitting on my ass.

I did very well on eating more protein.  Lots of fresh veggies. My garden is in full production.  My shoulders are getting trim but my belly just hates me.  I am going to step up the cardio and see if that helps.

I dehydrated some zucchini for bread and made some crackers.  I also dried some zucchini and sprinkled on some pink salt. OMG, they are so yummy.  This is such a great snack without all the grease and calories.

Now for the fantastic news….  I will post it in another post to keep the recipe section cleaner.  Soft serve ice cream…  You guys will not believe the taste.  It is amazing.  Only takes five minutes to make.  I am looking forward to buying some bananas and trying different flavors.  Maybe throw in a strawberry or blueberry.  How about peanut butter.  I hope you guys try this and let me know what you think.

Here We Go…

July 26, 2010

Time to get my act together…

I am going to challenge myself daily.  I need to buy a new pair of jeans.  I want to be in a smaller size before forking over the cost of a new pair.  Here is what I came up with for 30 days.    I hope that I can get in a smaller size.  Right now, I am only inches from buttoning that top button.

I would like to do a 13-4-30. Which would be 13 RT exercise sessions lasting at least 30 minutes.  That would equate to three times a week.

That also means an RT of 13/30.

Cardio would be 9/30 or twice a week (Minimum of 30 minutes.)

In true 52DC format which works for me…

RT: 13/20

CT:  9/30

PG1:  13-4-30:  0/13

PG2:  Eat more protein

PG3:  Read one book  (Runner’s World Complete Book of Beginning Running by Amby Burfoot  320 pages)

PG4:  Limit my time sitting on my ass.

Okay, here we go.


October 30, 2009

I am so excited. I finished the four week program and lost a whopping 13.4 pounds !!!!! Logging food and making sure I am getting enough protein has been a huge, huge asset to me. I designed an excel spread sheet but when I tried putting it on live I lost a bunch of stuff. I am so good at this I am going to go back to Calorie King and log it that way. Easier than what I was doing. I had ups and downs. Gained and lost but the last day, today, the scale said 13.4 pounds lost. I will take it. Even if tomorrow I put on a couple of pounds, I know I am heading in the right direction. Funny, I still cannot get into those jeans. Wonder if they are sized wrong.

Anyway, I will try this program again for another four weeks and see what happens. The Doctor told me to lay off the red meat as my cholesterol is borderline. I can handle that.

I have been reading a lot about raw eating and dehydrating food and I will be ordering a dehydrator this weekend. I used to dehydrate all the time but the earthquake damaged my dehydrator beyond repair.

It is fun to be excited again. If I can lose 20 more pounds then I will believe I can continue on. I have only been able to lose like 25 pounds and then stalled for months. Wish me luck.

My physical therapist has taught me a lot of exercises to do that will build my range of motion and strength and I am really enjoying my workouts now. I love the recumbent bike. Three more sessions and I will be on my own and I feel I am ready and have learned enough to put together a solid program for not only the benefit of losing weight but also to keep my injuries in check and I know I will become stronger and stronger.

Yippeee. Finally!!

My Progress

October 18, 2009

I have been doing great on my new eating plan. I am actually having fun logging my food and watching my Protein, Carbs and Fat. At the end of the day, I have to make choices of what to eat so I do not go over my numbers. Looking at my log, I craved Potato chips and cottage cheese. I continue to crave those Potato chips and Cottage Cheese. I typically am not into snack foods so I am not sure why all of a sudden I crave chips. Maybe it is the crunch, which usually is missing in my diet. I do not think it is the salt. I feel I am getting enough salt just in the foods themselves. Funny, the days I eat the potato chips and cottage cheese I lose weight. The days I gain weight or stay stable, I am eating very very clean.

As I sit here, I am thinking I should go to the grocery store today. I need food, but my car is not being nice to me. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday that I cannot miss and I am afraid to drive my car.

Well here is my update. In 17 days, I have lost 6.2 pounds. This is the most I have been able to lose in a long, long, long, long, long time. This is the lowest weight I have been for two years. I still cannot get into that smaller pair of jeans. Sad, but I promised to do this program for 30 days no matter what. I will continue and finish. This is a great goal.

As far as my workouts, I have physical therapy two days a week and I do RT and CT while there. The Therapist has a great machine. I now have Thera-Band, putty and lightweights to work with. I can sit and watch TV and get a great forearm, wrist and shoulder workout. I have finally figured out how to program my Treadmill to do hills automatically. I have started out with a low program but it was really easy. I will go up to phase 2 and see how that works. I am only doing 20 minutes, but hey, 20 minutes is better than nothing.

I no longer walk with my cousin. It was time to call it quits. Long story and now worth the time to write. I will miss our long hikes. I cannot find anyone to do these hikes with me. Most people are just flat out lazy. I found one woman but she ONLY wants to walk flat surfaces. Not as enjoyable as going into the backcountry. Winter is upon us and I plan to find someone next year. For now, I will walk the lake and the treadmill. There is a new section around the lake that has a few upgrades and lots and lots of wild critters. It is beautiful. It is about one mile around or taking a long way it is two miles around the lake area. I can get a good 2 3 mile workup and work on my speed.

I really believe drinking the Meal Replacement and Protein drinks are what are helping to keep me on track. It seems I was not eating enough protein. Logging my numbers, I can make sure at the end of the day I get enough protein. If I am low, I can have a protein drink which are 35 grams of protein and only 2 carbs. It is delicious also.

I am buried in work and have not been highly motivated so I am forced to work this weekend. I need to get more productive so I have more time to do me things.

This week will be very busy. I have a Doctor appointment and my last two Physical therapy appointments. After that, I can get back onto my schedule.

This is some of what I will miss…I hope you enjoy it.

Okay, everyone, have a great week.

Time to Move On

September 5, 2009

All good things must end. It is sad to say, I will no longer be walking/hiking with my cousin. Everyone must decide how much he or she is willing to take and to be able to continue on. You have to decide if all the bad is worth the good. I have been pushed over the brink and have decided the good is not worth all the bad. I am moving on.

It is sad in that I now have no one to hike with. The trails I am trying to conquer and all the new trails to be tried are not something you can safely do alone. Too many things can go wrong, from falling to wild animals to health concerns.

I have gone online to a reputable web site and found two girls who live in my area. Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared off the site. I will keep trying to think of ways to find people who like to do what I like to do. People who want to work on goals. People who like a challenge. People who like to change it up. People who are reputable and know how to honor a commitment with time and date.

Until then, I have gotten out my treadmill book and plan to program it to mimic the mountains and see if I can do this instead. One other option is to head to the lake, get in some cardio, and walk about 3 5 miles. This is flat walking and does not have the challenges mountains do, but better than nothing.

I will not let her stop me. I will continue with my journey. The next time she happens to run into me, she will be surprised that I can and will succeed no matter what is thrown my way. This just gives me the extra push I need to continue working hard!

Go Me!!!!!

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”
~Dave Mustaine

Goodbye my road

Until we meet again

I WILL conquer you

The future awaits us both


August 26, 2009

Today I went back to the lake to walk with my mom. I am so proud of her. She is doing better and walking faster and lasting longer and not WHINNING anymore. She just wants to keep on walking. Losing so much weight really gives her more energy.

I love my pedometer. Here are the figures for today. Walking with my mom is a whole different routine.
Walk 1.73 miles
Dog petted 5
4996 steps
4353 aerobic steps
247 cal burned
Fun information ONLY.

I had my MRP this morning before walking which worked out great. I do not like eating just went I get up and I like to sleep until the last possible second. When I got home from the walk I fixed my normal breakfast. Will have lunch and dinner and maybe one more meal or 1/2 a MRP drink with some berries. I am going to try this MRP drink a few more days and if it continues to work for me, I will go back and get the strawberry so I have some choices, unless they have banana, yum.

Busy today so I have to run. I hope you all have a great day.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
-Jim Ryun


August 21, 2009

I popped in to this new wholesale store planning to buy Optimum Nutrition Gold Whey. They had a one-pound container for only 11 bucks. Better than spending 30 bucks and not liking the taste. Bad thing is that they did not have the one pounder, only the two pounder at 20 bucks. They only had the one pounder on their web site. Since I was also looking for a meal replacement, the girl talked me into getting Myolean. $30 bucks later. Grr. However, this looked great and will work as a meal replacement and a PW drink.

What I am doing now is NOT working. I quit every single solitary sliver of any bread or pasta and I gained four pounds. I weigh more than I have ever weighed. Eating the bread and pasta on occasion, at least my weight was stable. Even a pizza here and there did not cause me to gain like this. I am so confused; I just do not know what to do. Maybe I should go on the Grapefruit diet. LOL

I did pick up a case of green beans. I love them and quit eating them to eat fresh. Fresh does not appear to be working

Therefore, my plan is to use the canned green beans as an occasional veggie during time constraints. Bread for a sandwich here and there and PB toast on occasion. I will go back to my hard-boiled egg sandwich on occasion. I will go back to eating those red beans on occasion also. Otherwise, I will continue my fresh clean eating as I always have.

Eating 5-6 meals, well, I am going to try the meal replacement when I get up, three meals and after a HARD workout another drink. I hope that will work. (Hoping to kick start my metabolism first thing.)

Since I have already started the 52DC, I will still count this as clean eating as it is the plan I am going on and it is still acceptable under the guidelines. I will have to start this on Sunday since I will be going to the farmers market. It will still be clean eating to me and I will log it as such. (I am afraid to open the jar and taste this protein, especially since it cost 30 bucks.)

I am going to order my veggie pizza on Saturday night. Is this considered clean, hmm, not sure? What do you think?

One of my goals is to read. I will be doing research on the plus and minus of working out in the a.m. or the p.m. For me personally, maybe an a.m. workout would be better.

I will keep changing things until I get the balance right and then look out. LOL

Okay, anyone with suggestions, feel free. This is like politics, everyone has their opinions on what is right and what works. Bring it on…

Day 52 – Final

August 5, 2009

Well today is day 52. If I had actually signed up for the 52DC, I would have received another Platinum + medal. Sad that I felt I was not able to do that. However, I am strong and liked the format and the goals. I must find some support. That little bit of encouragement helps push you along.

I walked/hiked our mountain yesterday and we did it in 45 minutes. We made it all the way without stopping once. That is amazing. I pushed my cousin along. I could tell she wanted to stop at one point but pushed on. I was proud of her. It is a shame she is not consistent in her commitment.

I did not lose any weight again. I jumped around those five pounds. My shoulders are narrower and my arms firmer. My knees are a lot stronger. I know I am in better condition because I can finish what I start and I now am cutting my time, which is great. I am just confused on why I am not losing weight. I know muscle weighs more but come on, let me lose enough to get in one size smaller or fit in those too tight shirts.

I just do not know what to do. I do know I must continue on working hard but for how long? I am looking at Tim Thurman’s workout to see how that works. It is a 12-day program. I can do most of the exercises in my room. Let us see if you can really change your shape in 12 days.

I was told to stop doing so much upper work and do more lower work. I concentrate on the upper because of my injuries and it keeps me strong and working. I have new doctor and once approved I will be back in PT. I will be able to concentrate on my lower for that month and see if that is significant. I am going to pick the brain of the Physical Therapist and learn all I can.

I wish my memory were better. Sometimes it is hard to workout when you have to keep looking at your notes or a book. I am better but obviously, what I am doing is not enough.

I am thinking, maybe I should log my calories. Go back to weighing and measuring everything. A pain and too all time consuming but maybe my portions are wrong. I know I always said I do not have the combination of food right. I should log it all and find a nutritionist to evaluate it and see what I am doing wrong. Something has to give. I read about all these people losing inches, weight and I do the same thing, and nothing happens. Why? Why?

I walked at the lake with my mom. They have a new area, dirt, natural environment with bridges and water and lots of birds. We went a new way and found a couple of hills. Only about 3/4 a mile around but if you go the long way I think we can get in two miles. If my mom was not with me I would have taken a detour and went the long way around for about 4 miles. It is beautiful.

My mom took my scale. She is on ANOTHER new diet. She said my scale was broken. She had bought a piece of meat and divided it up into four pieces and it would have been 4 oz each. The scale said 5 oz. Typical, typical. So I lost my scale. Going to have to go buy me a new one. I love my scale and periodically I do weigh things to stay on track.

I am happy to see so many of you reaching your goals and hard goals too. I missed you all.

So, my friends. This ends another 52DC. See you on the next one.

Day 43

July 26, 2009

I just got back from a great hike on our road. 1.75 miles uphill. This is a way better walk than the one I went on the other day. This is like HIIT work. My cousin was not feeling well so I headed up the worst part of the hill on my own. I just concentrated, breathed, focused, and made it to the top in record time. I am going to have to do that more often as I feel I got a 100% better workout. Usually my cousin has more energy than I do, she is a lot younger and a lot lighter… but today, I toasted her! She had to sit down twice while I kept walking. I feel great. I wish I could do this walk every day but it is a secluded area with coyotes and snakes and such and being alone probably is not the best thing. Some days you do not see anyone and like today, we saw people three times.

I am going to eat breakfast and also plan and prepare my meals for the beginning of the week so I stay clean.

Hope everyone is having a great day.