Three Day Weekend

May 28, 2010

I decided not to do the 52DC. It really is time consuming and I feel bad that I cannot host. I know many people do not step up and they are not bothered, but that is not me.

I am so strong now that I am just doing so many projects that I could not do before. I have to do them while I am motivated and excited.

I am still doing my workouts. Right now, I am contemplating getting a “step”. I keep watching videos and learning about step aerobics and I think it would be fun and a great workout. Not sure, I want to invest the 100 bucks or less. I wish I knew someone who could tell me if this is a great cardio workout and work the money. I Keep thinking, I have a treadmill what do I need a step for. It looks more like dancing of sorts. Has anyone had any experience with step aerobics?

This weekend is going to be busy. I have written a list and so far, this Friday I have completed all on the list. Well, I decided not to take my car to the mechanic. Tomorrow, I want to finish cleaning the shed and finish the back yard. I have to lay a few bricks and rocks behind the pond. Clean out the square foot garden and plant some new crops. Then my yard will totally be done!! All I have to do is light maintenance and rep my rewards.

Sunday, I have to get caught up on paperwork. I have been having computer problems so I need to decide what to do. Therefore, Sunday will be a full day working in the office.

Monday… Is a rest day. I am absolutely doing nothing. I am just going to read a book, James Patterson, and do whatever I want.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend. Until next time.

Thank You and Just Do It!

May 7, 2010

Back in October of 2008 I joined my first 52DC and Kongholiday gave me some wonderful advice.

“welcome to the challenge dynamics. I just completed my first 52 day challenge in the fall challenge a few weeks ago. I know you’ll do fine. The best piece of advice I have for right now is to come here every day and post in the thread. No matter what. Especially if you feel yourself slipping. Here’s where you will get support for that. There is a tendancy if you feel yourself slipping to not want to come on here and let everyone know, you feel like you are letting everyone down. That is the exact wrong thing to do. Get on here and post so we can help you get back on track. Don’t just disappear and come back at the end of the challenge thinking well, I flubbed this one up. Let us know what is going on so we can help while there is still time. You’ll do fine, welcome to the challenge!!!”

This was fantastic advice. I also got advice from TNT Man who was teaching me not to say I cannot do it but I WILL! BBM was there to push me along and get my butt out of bed. She always showed me encouragement and her advice was like gold.

Today I have finished my FIFTH official challenge. I went from doing no exercise to finishing a 3600 challenge! Now that is what I call progress. I am in the best shape of my life!

Thank you to everyone who posted. Thank you to everyone who gave me compliments and advice. Thank you to everyone who shared.

My goal on my first challenge was to make exercise automatic. Now I just do it. Pick up the Thera bands and do some reps. I have found ways to just do it!!! Be it a quick workout or an extensive workout. I just do it. “What was I thinking” Yep, that saying is history. I know what I was thinking. Just do it!!!

Thank you everyone

Lots of Things Going On

April 25, 2010

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been neglectful but I have been having the energy and drive to get so much done so I jumped on it.

My planters are looking great. One more day of minor pulling of some wild morning glories and I have won the war on weeds. This challenge needs to hurry up and finish before they come back. We all know they will. I got my garden all planted and my drip line fixed and new drip line added to the garden. I just need to try to remember how to set the timer and hope the facet dose not leak and I am good to go. I planted in the flowerbeds this year. I figured more veggies are good. In addition, last year I struggled and received very few tomatoes so I planted tomatoes all over the yard. I had better get at least one good producing plant. Because I did this, I will probably be overwhelmed with veggies. This year I am going to try to make sun dried tomatoes in the dehydrator. Yummy.

I slacked a bit on my 3600 workout and got a tad behind. It is harder to judge than just a RT or CT. The last three days I have been doing tons. I would just pop in and do 20 Russian Twists. I will build up my numbers. My shoulders are burning, but not hurting so that is a good thing. I would never push myself to hurting. I am so much stronger and it is evident on the amount of work I can do. The pinch plate, OMG, I could only do one and the first time I dropped the plates. Now I am up to 10 PER hand. This is taking it gentle. If I pushed I might be able to do 13 15, but I will not go back to pain. LAT pull downs. They are getting easier and easier. Only thing I cannot do is knees. I cannot do lunges or squats. After this challenge, I am going to find a way to build up so I can do those by the next challenge.

Does anybody know the next step? Is it more reps or a bigger weight?

The insurance company once again has denied my doctor. They sent me to him not more than nine months ago. I hate searching for new doctors. Moreover, it has to be on their list. They will not let you even interview them. You pick from a list and that is it. Last time I was able to find some of the doctors online. Seeing a picture helps and reading about their practice helps. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I did some raw dehydrating. I have some Rawnola in the dehydrator right now. Yummy, it is so good. Those of you who like granola would absolutely love this stuff. It has macadamia nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, coconut, cinnamon, pear, orange juice and orange zest and vanilla and once it is dried, yummy. I also tried a new recipe for carrot crackers.

I miss not have crunch in my diet so trying some raw dehydrated crackers I thought might help. The carrot crackers only have carrots, almonds, flax and garlic. All healthy. I hope they taste good.

I made some lemon cookies, healthy, and they were delicious but tooooo much coconut. I thought using the raw coconut they would taste okay, but I realllllyyyyy do NOT like coconut. That sucks.

Has anybody ever tried raw eating? I will type up the recipes and post them here if anyone wants to try them.

Today, I have to clean up the kitchen and get my veggies ready for next week.

The 52DC is winding down so I will be working hard on my 3600 challenge. Many of the exercises on my list can be done throughout the day. Not as great of a workout maybe but I can get them done without overdoing my shoulders. The walking will be tough. I think next weekend that will be my goal; Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday just get the miles DONE. I do not want to fail on this challenge. I will succeed. There is no other option.

Two Days Down

March 18, 2010

I have just about completed two days of the 52DC. The thing I love about this challenge is having to post. I was so tired I did not want to do my workout this morning/evening. I also did not want to post no numbers. That is one reason this challenge works for me. The other reason is I have a few friends who keep and eye on me and push me if they see I am slacking or just to keep me motivated. This is a good thing.

I tired this new thing today. Up/down my step. I was able to get my heart rate up to 140 and the legs quivering. I think I will do that randomly as a bonus. I was thrilled to get my heart rate back down quickly. Having a HR watch is amazing. I know it is not very accurate but it is close. I had the doctor check it for me. Tomorrow I will be on a couple flight of stairs and will see what the difference is working on a flight of stairs versus one step.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have a few errands to run so I will be stopping off at the lake to get in a few miles and see the damage the weather did. I hope that it is not too bad.

Saturday Brooklyn is coming for a sleep over. Brooklyn is my daughter’s beagle puppy. He is adorable. We will spend Saturday fixing my drip line that my lovely gardener demolished. If my fingers are strong enough, I want to add drip line to my garden before I plant it next weekend. Maybe I will have better results with watering on a timer.

I am trying to figure out what to plant this year. Tomatoes, Anaheim chili peppers, carrots, zucchini and bell peppers. I already have garlic and onions in the ground. Oh, I want to try my hand again with potatoes. I got about five potatoes last time on my little experiment. Sweet potatoes/yams would be good to try this year also. Of course, I have parsley, basil, rosemary, pineapple sage, thyme. I think I will pass on the watermelon and pumpkin. They take up so much room. After this weekend, I will know if I can expand my garden to the planter areas without too much difficulty.

There you have it. A busy few days. I hope you all have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

More Tools for Success

March 14, 2010

I was contemplating painting a chalkboard on my wall to help to with my workout routine. I have a very bad short-term memory. Then I thought it would be quite messy with chalk dust an all. I thought about dry erase or magnetic paint. It is expensive and challenging to apply. My mom popped over with a bulletin board to put over my desk in my newly refinished office. However, I cannot reach it as my desk is too wide and stretching like that is horribly bad for my shoulders. She said she hates to return things so I said, hey, that would look good in my workout room. Moreover, we hung it. Yeah. Now I can post my routine on the board.

I keep finding things to help me on my journey. So many people have had a hand in those little things. Amazing how one person can just mention what they do and voila, you think, hey, that would work for me. That is why I love the forums so much. I get more info from the forums than I do professionals.

I am so excited; I cannot wait to start on the new 52DC. I just might have to start tomorrow, Monday.

Things I am trying: Chia seeds, Gobi berries, raw foods, dehydrating and green monsters.

New things I have learned: Egg puffs, yam potato like chips, cauliflower mashed potatoes, dehydrated flax seed crackers.

I need to work on my garden planning before it gets too late. I need to learn to plant things better and to take advantage of the land I have. Right now, I have two 4X4 boxes and a 4X4 circle. Of course, a planter with herbs is always there. Any suggestions on what to plant?

I know I am planting more zucchini and carrots this year. I might pass on the spaghetti squash. It just took over the planting area. Watermelon was great but it also takes a lot of room and such a long time to mature.

It was great having some free time this weekend to get my blog up-to-date and do some planning.

I am off to prepare my food with some chopping and dicing so next week will be easy.

Good luck on the next challenge everyone!

Spring 2010 52DC

March 12, 2010

I am going to do the Spring 2010 52DC that starts on Wednesday the 17th of March.  I am going to push myself!    One of my goals is the 3600 Challenge.  This is heavy duty for me.  The last challenge I kicked butt so I feel confident I can do this.  There is a lot of support from the forum to help me accomplish my goals.  BBM is in my corner and she will give me the extra push I might need if I start to drag.  She helped me get up early in the morning to workout and that is imperative to being successful with this next challenge.

CE: 98/104

RT:  22

CT:  14

PG1:  Clean one box a week 0/7

PG2:  Log Food 30 days 0/30 (I use Calorie King Software)

PG3:  Win the war with the weeds (Ha Ha)

PG4:  3600 Challenge

800 ‑ Walking/Cardio = 4 X 30 min.  (1 X Treadmill HR H2 Fat Burn and 1 X P2 Level 2 +)

800 – Band = 3 X week

400 ‑ Uphill Steps = 56 steps – 2 floors – 1 x week

300 ‑ Pinch Plate Curl = 2 x week

300 ‑ Leg Curl/Leg Extension = 2 x week @ 30#

300 ‑ LAT Pull down = 2 x week (Wide pull downs and triceps pull down @ 30#)

300 ‑ Shoulder Press = 2 x week

200 ‑ Doorway Stretch = 2 x week

200 ‑ Weighted Russian Twist = 2 x week

This is tentative.  I have a few more days to decide but for now, I think I am going to push myself and do this.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we did all of the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.
-Thomas Edison

Winter 2010 52DC – Finish Line

March 7, 2010

Hi Everyone. Here are my numbers from the last 52DC I did. I worked hard and earned a Platinum plus award. This was my best challenge to date. I finally got the hang of it and blew this challenge out of the water and made all my goals. Here are my final numbers…

CE: 104/104/96
RT: 29/22
CT: 19/14
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum 15/7
PG2: Lose one Jean size
PG3: Read one book and 100 misc. pages
PG4: Try one new vegetable each week 10/7 (Parsnip, butternut squash, pumpkin, kale, yam X 2, A Choy, Sprouts X 3, radish looking thingy.)

New Bonus PG5: Whole Body Workout.

PG1: Walking/Hiking outside is automatic for me. I finally got this PG in check. Finding a place I could walk alone was key. Like vabeachgirl finding someone to be consistent and not cancel was challenging, so I just walk by myself. I miss my mountain hiking, but you have to make changes to succeed. Walking is not as great as hiking but at least I am doing something outside on a regular basis.

PG2: What can I say, I am over the moon. Maybe labeling the jeans with the wrong size actually helped push me harder. Two Sizes….

PG3: I ended up reading three books and too many misc pages to keep track of. I am back. Yeah. I really missed my reading. I ended up reading James Patterson “ The 6th Target ”, “ Preserve it Naturally ” and part of “ Cooking with Fire ”. I am now reading “ The 7th Heaven ” also by James Patterson.

PG4: The vegetable PG was amazing. I found some to die for veggies that I will incorporate into my daily/weekly meals. You all should try this as your PG. Adult tastes and your new lifestyle of eating may make you decide to like something you did not like as a kid or in the past. Go for it!


January 31, 2010

I have been a terrible blogger. After working on a computer most the day, I just want to turn it off.

I am so excited. I am doing my 52DC and today is Day 26. I have come a long way. I really feel like I am finally in a grove. Working out is easy, well easy to start/finish workouts. Before it was a struggle. I have a great friend who gave me a little extra push and I now force myself to get up in the morning and just get my workout in and over with. Many times, I find in the evening I just want to workout again. After all the Physical Therapy I did I feel so much stronger and my range of motion is 75% better. I do not want to go back.

I am still experimenting with food. Trying some raw foods. Eating less red meat. I am trying a new vegetable each week and so far, I found a few I like. Superpup and JT are the best. I am now a Tuna eater. Such wise people. Yes, I am an adult and the memories I had as a child may not hold true today. I will take a taste and maybe, just maybe there are many things I miss. I just remember my dad who had melanoma eating plain yogurt with sea kelp sprinkled on it. Drinking carrot juice and eating beets. Yuck. Now it seems a lot of people are eating plain yogurt and it is normal.

I now eat tuna, parsnips, pumpkin, asparagus and sprouts. I want to try okra, water chestnuts and artichokes. I also love cauliflower-mashed potatoes. Yummy. My list of veggies is getting larger. I will have to rethink my garden lay out come spring and see if I can add any of these veggies into the garden.

I just bought the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises and I tell you, this is one fantastic book. The best book I have seen showing how to do the exercises. I hope to go buy a few plates so I can do this pinching exercise. That is one thing I am unable to do very well is pinching. With the plates, you can build that up. Also, building up my forearm strength that will help my shoulders. I want to buy a step but cannot find a sturdy one that does not have a low weight restriction. I guess they think only skinny people will be using them. Until then I do a half a$$ workout on my back step. Not perfect but it helps.

I am reading and learning so much I just cannot keep it all in my brain. Excitement is the word to describe things.

I am off to play with Brooklyn and clean out the garden a bit. Right now, I have onions, garlic, three kinds of lettuce, parsley, bell peppers, celery and of course thyme and rosemary.

I am feeling so good that I am getting so much accomplished around my house. This is a good thing. For those who followed me I had a lot of work done on my house and all my things are boxed in the garage. The boys walked away before bringing things back in. I am so much stronger now with this workout routine and I was able to bring in not one, two, or even three boxes but five boxes.

Well, I am rambling now. Have a great day and thanks to everyone who has had a hand in educating me and giving me words of encouragement and advice.

Winter 2010 52DC

January 5, 2010

I have decided to do the 52DC again. I have a good routine going, but have gotten lazy since the holidays. I do not want to get my butt out of bed. At the end of the day, I am lazy. I do not want to undo the entire hard work my physical therapist, my doctor and I have done.

Here are my goals:

CE: 96/104 (shooting for another platinum +)
RT: 22
CT: 14

PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum (Getting my butt out of bed is the real challenge.)
PG2: Lose one Jean size (17 pounds and still in the same size. What’s up with that?)
PG3: Read one book and 100 misc. pages (I read a lot on the internet but really need to sit and enjoy a good fun book.)
PG4: Try one new vegetable each week (I have tried Bok Choy and it was delicious. Suggestions anyone?)

I have a meeting but I will be back to update you all on what I have been doing since I have been gone. It was great to see so many familiar names. Those who supported me so much on my first 52DC.

Fall 52DC – Day 25 – Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

CE: 47/50/104
RT: 16/22
CT: 8/14
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum 4/7
PG2: Lose one Jean size
PG3: Read One Book (The Bible Sculpting Book for Women) 50/381 and 100 pages of other reading. 120/100
PG4: Continue unpacking and going through paperwork. Spend at least 15 minutes a day or at least two hours a week. 13 hour 15 min/14 hours

QOTD: What is your favorite exercise? Wether it be biking, skipping, swimming, or performing crulz till the cows come home we want to know!! 😛 tell us all about it

AOTD: Nothing. HA. I guess I have to say I love hiking. Even though it is super challenging for me, once you make it to the top the views are exhilarating.

Off to the Farmers’ market. Have a great day everyone!