Vegetable Update

February 4, 2009

Today is day 3 or my experiment. Do you realize I can make a salad in 2 minutes, yes two minutes. That includes two types of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, olives, tomatoes, Canadian bacon and cottage cheese. (Maybe one minute if you have your lettuce pre‑chopped.)

I need to perfect this routine, purchase more glass jars and see what I can do with meat. Once I succeed in that, time to work on meals. So much to try. So much excitement.

I know if I had not had so much food prepared I would not have eaten as well and maybe would have resorted to a meal not so balanced and fulfilling.

I will continue working on this new concept and perfecting my circa recipe files. I AM going to get organized and make things fun and easy.

Today was the last day of my 31DC challenge. Although I did not do as well as I wanted on my CE, I do know the problems, which I am working on resolving. I can give you valid excuses and you would understand, but I do not want to make excuses. You have to be able to handle things that happen in life without screwing up your goals. I have learned so much from those on the 52DC and the websites and books that have been recommended. Amazing. People are amazing.

Here are my final numbers:

CE: 53/58/58
RT: 10/8 (Success)
CT: 8/8 (Success)

I am taking the week off. I am going to continue to eat clean. I will throw in a few cheat days before the challenge begins. After that, I will kick it up a notch so I can see some results in inches. I want to get into those jeans that haunt me.

Have a great weekend everyone!


February 1, 2009

I went to the Farmer’s market early this morning. It was so crowded. Normally not that crowded until around 10. I got some great produce. It was expensive. I mean, I was shocked. I need to reevaluate and select wisely next time.

I decided to try something new this time. Normally I cut up a day or two for my salad. This time I chopped, diced, and had a gay ole time. I am hoping for 4‑5 days and then I will do it again for the rest of the week. I made tomato, onion and cucumber salad. I put my grapes in a bowl with saran wrap for easy grabbing. I got my lettuce all nice and ready to eat in a nice Tupperware bowl. It should be nice and crisp and all I have to do is tear it into pieces of chop quickly for a nice easy salad. I opened the fresh peas so they are ready to toss in my salad. I was VERY disappointed. I thought they were great but upon opening them, they only hand tiny peas and was mostly air. I also got a great bunch of carrots.

I put everything in Tupperware or clear glass jars. If this works, I will need to buy a few more clear jars to see what is inside. I opted for jars because I thought it would be easier than Zip lock bags. I have always put my lettuce in a great Tupperware container I have and it keeps it crunchy fresh. If you recall, salad is one of my favorite meals. Nothing like a green salad with crisp greens and lots of veggies.

Tomorrow while preparing dinner I will cook extra chicken and beef for the next 3‑4 days. I would have done it today but forgot to take meat out of the freezer and did not want to run to the store.

I also cooked some Quinoa. I have never tried it before and it was suggested that I toss some in my salad and in my turkey for a nice taste.

I have many herbs that I buy from Penzeys ( I was reading that you could buy fresh dried herbs in the bulk bin at Whole Foods. I am going to check that out. I might be able to buy smaller quantities of those I do not use too often. I am so excited Penzeys is opening a new store in March about a 1/2 hour from me. It will definitely be worth the trip. I also grow my own basic herbs come spring. I wish I were a better gardener. Maybe I should make a goal to read up on how to be more successful at gardening. Part of my problem is I just do not use the herbs fast enough and they go to seed too soon.

I am going to try a few new smoothie/shake recipes. I bought a huge box of strawberries and I already have blueberries and blackberries. I measured out the fruit and put a few bags in the freezer. All I will have to do is dump the fruit in the magic bullet and add the other ingredients and it should take no more than 5 minutes. I hope they are good. It will be great on those mornings I do not feel like eating. I am going to try to drink one smoothie at least three times a week. I have a great recipe for a smoothie using powdered egg whites and it is delicious.

That is my story. I keep trying new things to make this lifestyle easier. I think this will work because I already do some of these things. This time it is for more days and putting things in more containers. I might have to evaluate and purchase some FoodSaver containers. Sucking the air out is easy and food seems to last so much longer.

I hope everyone enjoyed this relaxing day and for those of you who watch the Superbowl, I hope your team wins and you were able to eat clean.

Getting Close to the End

January 29, 2009

I really struggle with this blog.  Everytime I post it has a bunch of html showing that should not be there. Another thing is the font and bold is never what I want.  It amazes me.  This was all comic sans, NOT bold and look below to what I got.

My 31DC is ending soon. I did not do as well as I wanted on my CE but I accomplished my RT and have two more CT, which I am sure I will accomplish. All and all, not bad considering how discombobulated my life has been. It did make me re‑valuate my goals for the upcoming 52DC. I am not sure what to do. I need goals to push me but also let me succeed. I was thinking on goals like Walk at the lake two times a month. I have to pick up a check, which makes the lake not out of my way. Another possible goal should be to jump on the treadmill when my cousin cancels our walk/hike and have a great workout as if I was with her, especially since the time is already scheduled. If I follow through and do these two things, I should get in good shape. I hesitate logging my food as I did horrible during the mini challenge. Logging the food is great but so all time consuming and boorrring.

I did finally get out my new scale that registers weight, body fat, skeletal muscle, BMI, resting metabolism and visceral fat. I will use this as a base. I know it may not be accurate but if I use it and only it, I should see the numbers go down. One thing I am confused at is the resting metabolism and how exactly that works. I also went up and calculated using the Harris Benedict method. That is so much food. No way could I eat that many calories ever, well not ever. I suppose if I had a Baskin-Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake and my normal food intake. Did you know the Baskin‑Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake is 2,310 calories and 108 g of fat! Yikes.

Another goal I know I will log is organization. Once this office is put back together, I need to file as soon as the mail comes in. I need to take the 5 minutes and scan the receipts, if not daily at least once a week so I do not get behind. I need 2009 to be the best year yet. The best of everything for this year.

Two things I wish I had, an organizer to come in and set up my files and a PT to set up my weight lifting program. Two things that are hard to find. Most PT work at gyms and not really come to your home. Some are not experienced enough to handle my injuries. Some day I will find someone. I wish I could get lazedays to come to my home and get me into shape.

Okay, that’s it for now. Here are my numbers through tonight:

CE: 41/46/58
RT: 9/8
CT: 6/8 (I will try to get on the treadmill so this may go up by one.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


January 23, 2009

It has been a stressful year. I had to hire a professional painter. He and I struggled because he kept changing the price. The damage my nephew and his friends did was more extensive then he thought. He is doing a fantastic job and will finish up tomorrow. I have a beautiful purple office and a beautiful salmon workout room. The boys come back on Sunday and I hope they hook up my phone lines so I have phones and put in my new light switches. I can then unpack and get back to living. I have been living out of boxes since last year, November to be exact.

I feel really sad because of my situation I was not able to workout like I had planned. I was so motivated and slowly lost it when it was taken away from me. My clean eating has gone to the dogs. Knowing the painter would be in the kitchen for two days I should have prepared food. Instead, I had to fast food it. Although I tried to eat as clean as I could, salads are still high calorie at restaurants.

The painter finishes tomorrow. The boys will are coming Sunday night. Monday, I am hitting the floor running. I will get back into my scheduled routine. I am grocery shopping tomorrow so I will have tons of fresh food.

One good thing, I have been getting up every morning at 6:40 and starting my day. I am far more productive in the morning. Leaves time to get in those workouts without compromising my job. That is a great thing.

My cousin who is supposed to walk/hike with me on Wednesday has been canceling repeatedly. This time she canceled because her daughter and her boyfriend are coming into town and she wants to hang with them. We walk at 8:00 and they last about 1 1/2 hours if we are not doing serious hiking but just cardio walking/hiking. So I figure she would be back home by 10 am. Her daughter has an 8-hour drive and no way in hell that kid will get up that early to get here. She has time to walk. I just think she is not motivated enough. I have scheduled the time and if she cancels, I will just go without her. I found this lovely lake with many ducks and lots of people, women and kids included. A nice safer place to walk alone. It is about 1.3 miles around the lake. I will be walking there if she cancels. It is a bit further to drive, but hey, if you have scheduled time, just spend an extra half hour and just do it. I need to get outside anyway. Those days she does not flake, I will push for a harder hike versus walk. I will push her to the limits and she will just have to keep up with me. Right!

Because the painter has been here, I feel like I am eating wrong. About three meals a day. I feel bloated and my pants are so tight. Just proves you must eat 5‑6 times a day and get some workout in just to stay the same.

There you have it, my update. Not too exciting. As I say, life always gets in the way of plans. My goal is to stop letting it interfere. If it does interfere, NO EXCUSES, just find a work around.

Have a great weekend everyone!

CE: 28/32/58
RT: 9/8
CT: 3/8

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

Day 10

January 17, 2009

Today was a great day but exhausting. We headed out early this morning and met up at a new hiking location. It is an old western set but a fire raged through there years ago and no buildings are standing. The Sherwood Forest from Robin Hood looked great, as did many of the caves used in the early westerns. We ended up walking/hiking over three miles. We stopped and read the signs and enjoyed the miles. We also did about 20 minutes of true cardio. We then went to Subway, took our sandwiches to this beautiful park, and just relaxed. We thought we did great and were up for a round of walking for cardio. When you sit too long it is very difficult to get up and we realized we had really worked many muscles. Therefore, we stopped for the day as we both had some heavy house cleaning to do.

I got the majority of dust out of my workout room, removed all the plastic, and mopped the floor as best as I could. The painter was kind enough to bring in my Bowflex. I just have to add the attachments. I plan to use it tonight NO MATTER WHAT. My shoulder is sore from trying to scrub the floors and get rid of this massive amount of dust.

Therefore, I have a beautiful bold purple office. It looks awesome. The paint I selected for my workout room was based solely on the vertical blinds. I could have chosen the purple or the pink. Because I was going to have a purple office, I selected the pink. It ended up being a peach color and not really pink. Once on the wall it is more of a salmon color. Beautiful. I just need the window painted and then the blinds can go up. It is a very clean look. I think I will have no problem working out in that room.

I lost an account yesterday. No business and they are folding. Sucks, but I look at the positive side. I have no excuse not to exercise each and every day. Either the Bowflex or the treadmill or both. Therefore, today is the start of a great friendship with my newly painted workout room. Once the painter is gone and the blinds back on the windows, I will get seriously serious. By the time the 52DC comes along I will be there ready to go.

My shoulder is killing me so I am heading off for some ice. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

CE: 18/20/58
RT: 4/8
CT: 2/8

Day 8

January 15, 2009

Today was a great day!!! I got together with my Cousin for our weekly walk/hike. She had been canceling on me lately and this has been the first time we have been out since before the holidays. I was sad that my jeans were tight. I was sad that I was so out of shape. I was happy that my cousin has been walking around her neighborhood and was stronger. We were able to get a great workout in today. My pedometer’s battery died but I think we walked/hiked about 4 to 4.5 miles today. We went further than we ever had and the time was the same. That is a good thing. We stopped at the car to get water and when we took off again I had problems with the bottom of my left foot and was limping a bit. I pushed on and it worked its self out.

We are supposed to go hiking Friday at a new place. An old town I used to go to with My Cousin’s dad when I was little. I also went there when my dad was dirt bike racing. A fire raged through there a few years back so all the buildings were destroyed by fire. I think it will bring back some great memories of good times as a child.

I have been really stressing out about my office and the color I selected. My favorite color is purple and since I spend so much time in the office, I wanted it to be nice. The painter put one coat on this evening. I refused to get up and go see it. He finally made me. He had to know what to do tomorrow, paint all the walls purple or just the one wall. I LOVE IT. It is BEAUTIFUL.

He also is ready to paint my workout room. Therefore, Friday or Saturday I will get my Bowflex back and my treadmill. I have never been so excited. I really am highly motivated to get in and workout hard. The room will be beautiful. No flat screen TV for me, but a beautiful room. I am so tired of living in all this dust. At least two rooms will be done. I then have to wait on my Nephew and his friend to work on the front room. Once they do that I can get the painter, back and it will be done. I never intended to do this much work. It just started out removing the cottage cheese from the ceiling and removing the carpeting and things skyrocketed. It will be nice, but I have been living out of boxes and dust since November.

Tomorrow is another day. We move forward.

My numbers so far:

CE: 16/16/58
RT: 4/8
CT: 2/8

I feel I am doing pretty well. Once the Bowflex comes back and the treadmill, watch my numbers fly. I want to be so ready for the 52DC. I am ready to kick some butt. My next goals are going to really push me. I am shooting for the sky. I can do it. No problems. Keep your eye on me. I am going to get in those Jeans this time. No matter what. I will take the advice of a great motivator and not rely on anyone but myself to get out and workout, walk, hike or whatever it takes to keep on tract.

Have a great day everyone.

Day 4

January 11, 2009

Today is another day. I hired a painter because I cannot continue like this. I need my Bowflex and treadmill. Not “wanting” to use them is different then not being “able” to use them.

I had the yummiest salad yesterday. I sure missed them. I need to make that a goal. To just “make” the time to go to the store if even to just pop in and get a few pieces of veggies or chicken. Grocery store lettuce is better than no lettuce.

The wind is howling through my old house. The cold makes my shoulder hurt like no tomorrow. I am going to put together a shoulder routine together with the free weights to help keep my shoulder strong on those days I do not have access to the Bowflex. Although it is not the same, maybe it will help to keep me from so much pain. It is amazing the different between the two mediums.

I hope everyone is staying strong. Have a great day.

CE: 8/8/58
RT: 2/8
CT: 1/8

Day 3

January 9, 2009

I finally made it to the grocery store. I tried not to buy too much food, but I usually do. I am going to try new veggies. This time I found this yellow squash. Not sure what to do with it but I will research it. I also have been trying new cheeses. This time the Cheese person recommended this Swiss cheese, which he says, is great for melting. I also am trying a new parmesan cheese.

I have a couple of vegetarian cookbooks so I might pull them out to get an idea on upcoming veggies to try. Does anyone have a favorite they would like to recommend? How about a recipe?

For dinner tonight, I am having a beautiful salad. My favorite food. I have been craving it for a few days now. (Two types of lettuce, spinach, celery, carrots, onions, peas, broccoli slaw, olives and cucumbers. I might sneak in some yucky zucchini.) My biggest issue is I love HVR dressing. I also love cottage cheese. Going to try a new recipe, which turns cottage cheese into a ranch type dressing without all the calories.

I went to the bookstore and as you walk in tons of diet/exercise books on sale. Amazing. There were even tons of books in the discount rack. A couple of books from the team that does the Celebrity Challenge. Looked great but I think I will stick with the good stuff. I have NROLFW and TNT Diet to read first. I have to get out my “Four Way Burn” and get back into doing that routine.

The wind is blowing fierce here and the electricity spiked so I will continue this another day. Have a great weekend.

Day 3

January 9, 2009

Today was a good day. I got a lot accomplished. I found out I have “Exercise TV” Yep, Jillian, Bob and Jackie Warner all have segments as well as tons of other workouts. They even have walking segments. I will definitely be trying these out. They give you a taste every month in hopes you will buy their videos. No sense buying  as there are over 100 different workouts.  They change it up every month so you do not get bored.

I have been searching for three days for my new book The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Yahoo, I finally found it.  I decided this is the first book I will read.  I also found a clean eating cookbook.  I love trying new recipes.  I have a $5.00 off coupon so I will be hitting the book store one more time to buy one more book.  that will be it for awhile.  I have lots to read.

I am so glad to be going to the grocery store tomorrow. I need a salad fix.

Going to make this short as I still have a lot to do before tomorrow. Tomorrow will be busy running around. I am going to wear my pedometer and see how many miles my errands take me.

CE: 4/4/58

RT: 2/8

CT: 0/8

My rough numbers were Calories 982, Carbs 74.7, Fat 33.6, Protein 91.8 and Fiber 6.

I know these numbers are not accurate.  I homemade things but did not break it down, just took it off a list that was close to the same ingredients.  I want to get in the automatic mode.  Better to be close than not at all.  They say it takes 21 days to become a habit.

Have a great day everyone!

Day 2 of the 31DC

January 8, 2009

CE: 2/2/58 (I gave myself two CE because the mac and cheese was homemade with fontina cheese and evaporated milk, although not the best thing to eat, acceptable.)

RT: 1/8

CT: 0/8

Today was not great. Started out bad. My cousin canceled our hike. I could not get to my treadmill as the painter has it wrapped in plastic. My Bowflex is in the garage. I was so ready to start today. I ended up doing some RT with free weights. I really wanted a long walk to get rid of this stress building up in me.

I messed up on my eating as I had left over Mac and cheese from a recipe I had tried in the crockpot. The Painters were supposed to eat it but they left a day early.

I did great for breakfast and lunch. Dinner and snack was the Mac and cheese. I did throw in a 1/2 of an orange.

My rough numbers were Calories 1675, Carbs 215, Fat 62, Protein 78 and Fiber 27.

Tomorrow the plumber is coming. When it rains, it pours. I will get in another session with the free weights. I am pulling a big juicy steak out of the freezer for tomorrow. That and a bag of veggies will taste good. I cannot wait for Friday to go gets some lettuce and cottage cheese.

Tomorrow is another day. The painters are supposed to come back on Saturday but my gut tells me that they will cancel. As soon as I hear anything about if they are coming or not, that treadmill is busting out of its plastic. I want to ride that thing, can you imagine. So far I have come.

Although not a bad day, not what I had worked myself up to wanting.  I had purchased a new scale but decided to not use it until today and I plumb forgot to pull it out of the box.  I will try and remember to weigh myself tomorrow.