I will be placing directions for some of the places I have hiked. Once I have time and learn how, I will post some of the pictures of these beautiful places.

There is more to these beautiful areas than a mere website can tell you. So many side trails that they do not picture. You can spend hours and hours and days and days and not cross the same trail twice. I have listed just the basic information. If you ever decide to visit these areas, let me know and I will give you the insider info on the best place to start.

Santa Susana Mountains State Park

My all time favorite place. So close to home. I wish I could hike this area alone. It gives you a great workout and is very challenging. Beauty at its best.

Fryman Canyon

This was a tough one for me. I did not quit! Although I did whine a bit. I saw a General Hospital Soap Star and even asked him how much further, LOL. It was beautiful and many many more miles of trails that I did not even venture onto. Some day I will go back when I am in better shape and can enjoy it a bit more. I believe the Tree people are here also. If you are in better shape and do no mind the crowds, Runyon Canyon is a bit further up the road. If you want to spot a movie star, this is the place to be.

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

There is a reclamation plant and Japanese Gardens here also. Across the street is miles and miles of biking trails and Balboa Lake and Recreation Area. They have recently completed the wildlife area which is just beautiful. I think it is about a 2 mile round trip. You have many choices depending on how long and how far you want to walk.

Rocky Peak Park

The history of some of these areas is extraordinary. As I kid I used to go to “Rocky Peak Park” which has changed hands and names three times. Corganville, Bob Hope Town and now Rocky Peak Park. It was a working western town for the movies. On the weekend we would go and watch the gunfights. It progressed to motorcycle racing. A fire burnt all the buildings down one year. There is a “wildlife corridor” that goes under the freeway. For you “Biggest Loser’ fans, Hummingbird Ranch where the first episodes were filmed is in this area.


Click on Satellite Map to see the course. I do not know how to embed that view. Sorry.

If this trail is not enough for you the stadium is right there and you can run the stairs. There is also a Braille trail on the other side of the stadium in the horticulture area.

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