Brooklyn and Friends

Brooklyn is my daughter’s lovely beagle.  He is the cutest and smartest dog. Sometimes he is to smart for his own good.  I hope you enjoy what we have captured.  I will add some of Brooklyn’s friends as time allows.

This is the greatest invention ever.  A cube you fill with kibble. The puppy uses his nose to roll over the cube to release some of the kibble. This cube will keep a puppy busy for hours trying to get the last bit of  kibble out of the cube.

So much for buying a nice velvety soft pad for Brooklyn to lie on.  He would rather be on the hard metal with his body covered with the soft velvety pad.

Brooklyn spent the night.  I put an old sheet on the bed so he does not get hair all over my comforter.  For some reason this night, he wanted to go to bed earlier than I did.  I opened the bedroom door and allowed him to go to his spot.  (This is at the foot of the bed.) Below is what I found when I came to bed.  Apparently, he likes the blankets and comforter HIS way and moved the comforter and blankets around for HIS comfort.  He is a sweetie.  Maybe he needs a pillow also.

This is how Brooklyn sleeps at home.  I guess I need to buy him a pillow for when he sleeps at my house.

Brooklyn and his friend Sophie. Isn’t she cute!

Cody, Brooklyn’s best friend who has crossed the rainbow bridge after 14.5 years.  He was an awesome therapy dog and helped a lot of child abuse kids.  We sure do miss him.  He is trying to fit in Brooklyn’s bed.  He is so cute.

We Miss You!

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