Brooklyn escaped the other night.  My daughter called me crying hysterically.  She had left Brooklyn at her friend’s house when they went to practice.  He has been at that house a lot.   It appeared that her friend left the window open. Brooklyn clawed his way through the screen, out the window he went.  The neighbors say they saw a couple carrying him away.  My daughter called her co-worker who lives in the area and for some reason he had stayed late at the dog park.  He had stayed late enough to talk to a person who had found a beagle.  He did not make the connection until he heard my daughter’s message. She called him at 11:30 at night.  He immediately went back to the dog park to get the phone number of the person who found a beagle.  The couple would bring Brooklyn home.

It seems they found Brooklyn sitting on a corner of two major, busy streets.  Thank goodness, he has been trained well and had not run into the street.  Since Brooklyn did not have any tags, they took him to the vet to read his chip.  Did I mention my daughter has not chipped him?  She felt a tag would be good enough and never felt an apartment dog would escape.  It also seems like Brooklyn’s tag was hanging on the window screen.  I guess it had been stuck as he was escaping out the window.  It also seems that while at this couples house he opened their back door and escaped again.  LOL… The couple found him sitting on the front step of a house, which later they found out was the exact house Brooklyn should have been inside.  I guess that little escapee went back home.

The couple fed Brooklyn a chicken breast and who knows what he ate while on his adventure.  Brooklyn is allergic to chicken. Only a two on a scale of five.  Yep, he has a bit of a tummy ache, but he is SAFE.

This little guy is soooooo smart, I am afraid he now knows how to escape out the window.  Why did he escape?  Did he have to go to the bathroom?  Was he annoyed with the dog that lives where he was staying?  On the other hand, did he just want an adventure?

All our dogs are only allowed to walk on the sidewalk and have to sit at each street before crossing.  This turned out to be a good thing.  Beagles are known to be oblivious of their surroundings when their nose is on the ground following a smell.

We are very lucky Brooklyn came home safe.  My daughter’s co-worker said the stars were aligned.  He had stayed late at the park to watch something amazing in the sky.  If he had not stayed, my daughter may not have gotten Brooklyn back and it would have been a long night for her.

Brooklyn is unharmed at home now.  Safe in his home.  He cannot escape his home.  She is on the second floor.  Although they have only lived there one week!

Brooklyn is safe.

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