My Road and Stuff

Another interesting hike up the mountain.  The woman I walk with hurt her knee so we did not make it to high up.  I will say I am NOT stopping and my breathing is so much better. My heart rate is down significantly.  The only problem I have is my knees/legs feel like jelly and I feel like I cannot go up one more foot.  Nevertheless, I do…I push myself to not stop.

I hope that she will be better next week and we can make it to the top.  We only have three more Friday’s and I wanted to make it to the top at least twice.

Eating had been bad, very bad.  I had a week’s vacation and my mom found out so she has been spending a lot of time here and you all know she is a fast food junkie.  I know, I know, I should say no.   Tomorrow I am back on my clean eating.  I will be having a long talk with my mom tonight and explaining why she cannot bring me junk food and why she cannot expect me to compromise my values by taking her to get junk food.  Seems fair.

My garden is thriving.  Lots of zucchini and not my cucumbers are coming in strong.  The lettuce failed.  I think it is just too hot.  I keep planting seed and do not see any growth.  I finally figured it out…birds…. They are EATING my seeds.  Off to find a screen to come the garden until the seeds burst up with greenery.

This week I will have Brooklyn and plan to take advantage.  I think a neighborhood walk daily, a walk around the lake and a walk on the outside of the road is in order.  I think that aught to get me back in shape fast.  It will also help me with my endurance up the road also.

I did purchase the step but the DVD is for intermediate and I just cannot follow or keep up.  I am requesting suggestions for a beginner DVD or some written choreography.  Any body?

That is it for now.  Today is just a plain out lazy day.  I am in the mood to just blow the day away.

The 52DC is winding down. It was nice to see how well everyone did again.  I did not miss the daily posting.  I think I was a little burnt out on that.  I miss the accountability and the encouragement though.  I am not ready to do the next one either.  I need to concentrate on things around her for a bit before making a commitment.

Have a great week everyone.

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