June 3, 2010

Have you ever been so tired but it feels great? That is how I felt after this weekend. I did an awesome job on my to do list and some. My mom came over all three days and Yikes… for a 79 year old woman she has more energy than me. Do not know how she does it. I was really happy and my yard looks awesome. My shed is cleaned and the last of the veggies planted. I even had time to make a few tomato cages.

Only thing on my list I did not get done is my file cabinet but that is a work in progress. The most important… no down time to read my pho-fe book. I am happy and the book will wait.

This weekend, I have a shelf to build to put in the shed and get it a tad more organized and that is it. I am going to read my book and work on my files.

Sam talked me into it…I am heading out in the morning to buy the step. I decided it is a good investment. Now, to see if they have it in stock. I might have to buy a DVD player for my workout room, otherwise I will be dragging the step to the front room when I want to use it. Amazing how a silly step can make you excited.

Have a great weekend everyone!