Lots of Things Going On

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been neglectful but I have been having the energy and drive to get so much done so I jumped on it.

My planters are looking great. One more day of minor pulling of some wild morning glories and I have won the war on weeds. This challenge needs to hurry up and finish before they come back. We all know they will. I got my garden all planted and my drip line fixed and new drip line added to the garden. I just need to try to remember how to set the timer and hope the facet dose not leak and I am good to go. I planted in the flowerbeds this year. I figured more veggies are good. In addition, last year I struggled and received very few tomatoes so I planted tomatoes all over the yard. I had better get at least one good producing plant. Because I did this, I will probably be overwhelmed with veggies. This year I am going to try to make sun dried tomatoes in the dehydrator. Yummy.

I slacked a bit on my 3600 workout and got a tad behind. It is harder to judge than just a RT or CT. The last three days I have been doing tons. I would just pop in and do 20 Russian Twists. I will build up my numbers. My shoulders are burning, but not hurting so that is a good thing. I would never push myself to hurting. I am so much stronger and it is evident on the amount of work I can do. The pinch plate, OMG, I could only do one and the first time I dropped the plates. Now I am up to 10 PER hand. This is taking it gentle. If I pushed I might be able to do 13 15, but I will not go back to pain. LAT pull downs. They are getting easier and easier. Only thing I cannot do is knees. I cannot do lunges or squats. After this challenge, I am going to find a way to build up so I can do those by the next challenge.

Does anybody know the next step? Is it more reps or a bigger weight?

The insurance company once again has denied my doctor. They sent me to him not more than nine months ago. I hate searching for new doctors. Moreover, it has to be on their list. They will not let you even interview them. You pick from a list and that is it. Last time I was able to find some of the doctors online. Seeing a picture helps and reading about their practice helps. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I did some raw dehydrating. I have some Rawnola in the dehydrator right now. Yummy, it is so good. Those of you who like granola would absolutely love this stuff. It has macadamia nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, coconut, cinnamon, pear, orange juice and orange zest and vanilla and once it is dried, yummy. I also tried a new recipe for carrot crackers.

I miss not have crunch in my diet so trying some raw dehydrated crackers I thought might help. The carrot crackers only have carrots, almonds, flax and garlic. All healthy. I hope they taste good.

I made some lemon cookies, healthy, and they were delicious but tooooo much coconut. I thought using the raw coconut they would taste okay, but I realllllyyyyy do NOT like coconut. That sucks.

Has anybody ever tried raw eating? I will type up the recipes and post them here if anyone wants to try them.

Today, I have to clean up the kitchen and get my veggies ready for next week.

The 52DC is winding down so I will be working hard on my 3600 challenge. Many of the exercises on my list can be done throughout the day. Not as great of a workout maybe but I can get them done without overdoing my shoulders. The walking will be tough. I think next weekend that will be my goal; Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday just get the miles DONE. I do not want to fail on this challenge. I will succeed. There is no other option.

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