Two Days Down

I have just about completed two days of the 52DC. The thing I love about this challenge is having to post. I was so tired I did not want to do my workout this morning/evening. I also did not want to post no numbers. That is one reason this challenge works for me. The other reason is I have a few friends who keep and eye on me and push me if they see I am slacking or just to keep me motivated. This is a good thing.

I tired this new thing today. Up/down my step. I was able to get my heart rate up to 140 and the legs quivering. I think I will do that randomly as a bonus. I was thrilled to get my heart rate back down quickly. Having a HR watch is amazing. I know it is not very accurate but it is close. I had the doctor check it for me. Tomorrow I will be on a couple flight of stairs and will see what the difference is working on a flight of stairs versus one step.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have a few errands to run so I will be stopping off at the lake to get in a few miles and see the damage the weather did. I hope that it is not too bad.

Saturday Brooklyn is coming for a sleep over. Brooklyn is my daughter’s beagle puppy. He is adorable. We will spend Saturday fixing my drip line that my lovely gardener demolished. If my fingers are strong enough, I want to add drip line to my garden before I plant it next weekend. Maybe I will have better results with watering on a timer.

I am trying to figure out what to plant this year. Tomatoes, Anaheim chili peppers, carrots, zucchini and bell peppers. I already have garlic and onions in the ground. Oh, I want to try my hand again with potatoes. I got about five potatoes last time on my little experiment. Sweet potatoes/yams would be good to try this year also. Of course, I have parsley, basil, rosemary, pineapple sage, thyme. I think I will pass on the watermelon and pumpkin. They take up so much room. After this weekend, I will know if I can expand my garden to the planter areas without too much difficulty.

There you have it. A busy few days. I hope you all have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

4 Responses to Two Days Down

  1. I’m so excited for you on this challenge! You have made some great progress. I love your goals!

    Your garden sounds awesome…I need to get to work on one…when? Who knows…we had a little one last year with beans, chili peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Did grow corn before too which was good and a couple watermelons!

    Sounds like a fun but busy weekend!


  2. Samantha says:

    I wish we owned a house so I could plant a garden. I used to hate helping my parents with theirs, but now I want one so bad! This challenge is going to be good for us both. Enjoy your walk around the lake!!

    • You can Sam. It is called Container gardening. Do it on your balcony. A tomato plant would be awesome. My daughter has a planter box she plants with carrots and lettuce and such. The walk was awesome. It is beautiful today! Wish you could come see it. I will have to take my camera next time and post some pictures.

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