My New Workout

Below is my new routine for the next few weeks.

I purchased The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises. This book is FANTASTIC. I LOVE IT!

Until I get clearance from my doctor this is what I will be doing. Best Three Exercise Workouts on Page 407

I have also designed a program incorporating some exercises from the book and exercises I do now that my physical therapist has asked me to do. Not all of those are listed as some exercises I do all day long.

Page 66 – Doorway Stretch √ (This is awesome for the shoulder and I do it anywhere. )
107 – Standing cable pullover
102 – Lat pulldown √

Page 116 – Barbell Shoulder Press √
125 – Plate front raise (I went and bought plates. I love this concept.)
168 – Dumbbell overhead triceps extension

Page 174 Wrist Curl √
177 – Plate pinch curl (I hope this helps, my pinch sucks. I dropped the plates the first few times.)

Quad and Calf:
Page 229 – Straight leg calf stretch √

Page 301 – Weighted Russian twist (Figured I would take advantage and use the plate again.)
335 – Half kneeling rotation

You have to buy this book, it is amazing. It has workouts all planned out for you. It has pictures of all the exercises.

As always, any suggestions, comments, or rants, feel free.

P.S.  I purchased a swiss ball (well actually a GoFit Ball) and I am unable to get this sucker blown up to 81 inches.  I have only gotten it to 68 inches.  Any suggestions on how to do this?  Also, the silly plug is not flush.  This plug will definitely scratch the floor.

One Response to My New Workout

  1. TNT Man says:

    That book is great – the fact that it encourages you to design your own workout -makes it even better. Keep up the good work.
    TNT Man

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