Fall 52DC – Day 9 – Friday, August 28, 2009

CE: 16/18/104
RT: 7/22
CT: 4/14
PG1: Walk/Hike outside one day a week minimum 3/7
PG2: Lose one Jean size
PG3: Read One Book (The Bible Sculpting Book for Women) 30/381 and 100 pages of other reading. 65/100
PG4: Continue unpacking and going through paperwork. Spend at least 15 minutes a day or at least two hours a week. 1 hour 5 min/14 hours

QOTD: How many hours of sleep do you average and do you get enough?

AOTD: I love to sleep. I usually get about 8 hours of sleep. If I am tired, I seem to fall asleep on the couch and wander into bed later. I sometimes get more sleep on the weekends (If no on calls and wakes me up.)  I think 8-10 hours is ideal but hey, Life and work get in the way.

Have a great day everyone!

“You have one thing in common with all successful people:
twenty four hours per day. It’s how you use them that
makes all the difference.”
~ Author Unknown

One Response to Fall 52DC – Day 9 – Friday, August 28, 2009

  1. baseballmom024 says:

    Hey Dynamics,

    I have been missing from the blog world but am trying to get back here. Are you in the challenge? I haven’t seen your posts! Life has been crazy! I was going to set the last challenge out and my buddy Pittspilot talked me to staying…I was gone to the Cook Islands for 2 weeks and came back and never really was focused. But this challenge I so need.

    Is your house back to normal? HOw’s the hiking!

    Looks like you are doing great here!

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