I have been doing some reading and I am amazed. Time to pull the food scale back out and weigh EVERYTHING. Start spot-checking your protein bar and anything that is wrapped separately or a single serving. You will be AMAZED at the discrepancy. Weighing in grams instead of ounces is something to contemplate. If the count is lower, it can be a good thing; IF the count is higher, it can sabotage your hard work.

How about gum. How much gum do you chew? I buy sugarless Orbit bubblemint gum. Less than 5 calories a slice. If you chew the whole package in one day, which I am sure some of you do, it is a whopping 70 calories. Let say you do this five times a week. That is a whopping 350 calories. AND… If you are watching your carb count, there is one carb per slice. A whole package is 14 carbs. Again, if you do this five times a week, 70 carbs.

Holy moly. I will be back to checking my portions to make sure I have them right. I HATE logging my food, but… I must do a check.

I went to the butcher and asked for 4 oz of lean chicken breast. Did I get 4 oz, NOPE, the went went over. I went in the cheese section and asked for 2 oz of cheese. Did I get it NOPE. I will be back to weighing for sure, at least temporarily. I will also be keeping my eye very closely on any pre-packaged items. A mere half ounce does not seem like much, but if you add it up, in the end, it may be enough to cause a significant difference in your goals. Gum is a perfect example.

I decided to read “The Bible Sculpting Book for Women”. I have had it for a long time and pulled it out tonight and was quite impressed. I need to read it cover to cover. If nothing else, more information to add to this old brain. I will use this book as one of my 52DC goals. This book was written in 2007 and their web site is already gone. They have, I believe, five additional books.
The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Revised Edition: The Way to Physical Perfection (Includes DVD);The Body Sculpting Bible for Abs: Women’s Edition, Deluxe Edition: The Way to Physical Perfection (Includes DVD);The Body Sculpting Bible for Buns and Legs: Women’s Edition;The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Women: 21 Minutes a Day to Physical Perfection;The Body Sculpting Bible Swimsuit Edition for Women: The Way to the Perfect Beach Body;The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides: Look Your Best in Your Wedding Dress. To have written that many books they had to have sold a lot. The information has to be readable and I hope to learn something new.

Sometimes I think there is too much information out there to be read. I can see why people get so confused. I see why people just give up. I have read some really bad things and I have read what I think are good things. It all boils down to finding something that works for your lifestyle and that you can follow AND be healthy. One day I will find that magic balance. Until then, I will keep reading and absorbing all I can to get to a leaner and healthier me.

The book I am really looking for is one that will help me with my short-term memory!!

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