Busy day today. Ran a bunch of errands. Can you believe I actually walked over two miles just running those errands? I am one of those people who parks at the end of the parking lot and parks by the farthest entrance just to get in more steps. When I was in Physical therapy, the office was right next to a Gym. It was hilarious watching all those people “fight” for the front parking space. They were going in to workout so why fight to be in front? Why did they not park at the end of the parking lot and jog in?

I got many boxes unpacked today. My shoulders and arms are sore. I would definitely count this as a RT. Tomorrow I have to do my files. The workers’ took all my files and piled them on the bathroom floor and the other file cabinet they dropped and all the files went flying so everything is a jumbled up mess. Good opportunity to get things in order and purge and purge and purge.

My cousin emailed me. She is home and wants to start walking/hiking again. She has been doing something because she said she lost 20 pounds. Strange, she was not walking with me and kept cancelling. I am happy for her. She is craving companionship and I think she will be looking for a man very soon.

I got my Bowflex back up and my treadmill is plugged in. Stereo is also working. I got the performance ball out of the closet, which is one-step closer. Now to remember where I put the DVD. I hope that I can find it tomorrow and start using that ball.

I am very tired. I feel like I worked out way to much. A good nights sleep and I will be ready to do it again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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