Platinum +

Thanks to my clean eating, I obtained a platinum + award for the Spring 52DC. That makes three. This one was tough, but I made it through. I will work hard and keeping it clean and not stop just because the challenge is over. I have a personal challenge to get the performance ball back out and get it done. My newest excuse is I have to wait until the dog leaves Wednesday night. HA…No more excuses will be accepted after that. I HAVE to use this ball. I will use this ball.

On a better note…

I went to the farmers market again today. OMG, the food is so amazing. The price is also well below the grocery stores. I came home and prepped it all up. A trick I learned that works great for me. During the week I am so busy it is so much easier to eat clean when you can put a meal together quickly. Better to spend a few hours on Sunday than a half hour to forty five minutes daily fixing and cooking food.

My nephew came to visit with his darling baby. She is too cute. She is finally hearing sounds and FINALLY making eye contact. I was a bit worried about that.

I am puppy sitting a gigantic golden retriever who is just a sweetheart. However, there is hair everywhere. I forgot how much work and the mess a dog makes. I miss not having a dog but again, I do not miss the responsibility. Right now, I am happy to have my daughter’s dog visit occasionally. Sometimes he stays overnight and that works fine for me. He will go home on Wednesday night so Thursday I will be cleaning my house, getting in my exercise room, and hitting it hard. I am going to concentrate on lower extremities and see if I cannot lose a few inches off my waist.

I had a nice relaxing day today, which is rare. Monday is my busiest day and lots to do. Have a great week everyone. Keep working hard.

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