I am Home!

I finally made it home. What an ordeal. As you know, I had my hardwood floors done. Well, they seem blotchy and not too shiny. Therefore, the Owner, away for the 3 day weekend told me they put two coats of urethane and things would be fine. Nope, Out came all the furniture again and all the stuff I carried in and unpacked (lots of books) had to go out again. He came home and it was horrible. Horrible. They missed places and they used stain and OMG, it was terrible. Therefore, they had to sand it again. Out of the house I went. This time was only supposed to take a day and a half. Well it ended up being five days. Therefore, I was out of the house from the 19th to the 1st. The floors look beautiful but what a joke. I appreciate the owner taking responsibility but he did not want to pay for all the extra work I did and the time out of the house. I guess my time is not worth anything to him. Sad, very sad.

While staying at my mom’s I had a great time. I also cooked for her and educated her. I got her eating breakfast!!! After two weeks, she was feeling better, had lots of energy, and was not taking any naps. She was going to bed a tad earlier and sleeping a solid six hours. She even impressed me with packing her lunch. The biggest improvement was her addiction to “Diet Rite” soda. If she has a can of soda, she has to drink a bottle of water. Overall, a great visit.

Now I am home and I am puppy sitting a dog for 10 days. First thing he did was scratch the floor. Grrr. I wanted a few days to enjoy it. My house is covered in blankets, cardboard, and such to try to keep him from scratching the floor. He only seems to have problems when he lies down and gets up. When he walks, you cannot even hear his nails. Once he is gone, I can finally get my house back together and start enjoying things.

My cousin will be home from Minnesota in another week and she claims we will start walking/hiking again. I will not hold my breath. I firmly believe those hikes up the mountains do more for me losing weight than anything I have tried.

I was able to keep up with some workouts at my mom’s house. We went for walks and had a good time. Only thing is that dang performance ball. I am going to wash on that and try again next time.

My mom bought those “steam” bags from Ziplock and OMG those are the best things. I put in two chicken breasts, some seasoning, and one chopped onion and a bit of olive oil and put it in the microwave for 6 minutes and Voila, dinner for two. I definitely will be using these again. What a great invention. If you have not tried these bags, run, do not walk, to the nearest store and try them out. You will be amazed. For those in College, a great way to have a great meal only using a microwave.

That is it. I was not missed much, but that is okay. I am proud of myself being able to stay clean and to be able to workout while out of my house. Once this dog leaves, I plan to try a few new things until I can lose some inches. I need to buy a new pair of jeans and hate the thought of buying a pair when I might outgrow them. I have said this for a year and still struggle. I have given myself until July 1st. I will buy whatever size fits me at that time.

Well, I have boxes and boxes of books to shlep and put away and a full day of work to boot. I had better get on it.

It was great to read some of the posts I had missed and read how well everyone is doing. Sad we are down to so few. I understand as this is a rough challenge for me. The atmosphere and support is much different this time.

Have a great day everyone!

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