I thought I would take a break and bring you all up-to-date. I am finally going to get my floors done. I just want to ask how one person can have so much stuff. The closets are full and the garage is a close second. I hope things go smoothly. It will be sweet to finally get on with my life. For those of you who do not know. This was all supposed to be done by Christmas. I will be so excited to finally be able to breath and to not have dust everywhere. I still have things to do, waiting and waiting on my brother but I can at least get my furniture and things back into the house. The main thing I need really is my new desk and my work supplies and books. Who would have known how hard it is to function when your stapler is boxed away.

I feel like this 52DC is not fun. It just does not have the feel as before. I do not even like to post and struggle daily just to do it. As far as my workout. Excuses, excuses. I hope that I can get into it more once the house is sorta back to normal. I feel like I am a little behind and hope to catch up and exceed my goals. Thank goodness for this challenge as it forces me to continue on.

I really miss walking/hiking with my cousin. I have 100% given up on her. Sad thing is the hikes were so good for me. It is sad that in this day and age a female cannot walk by themselves in the areas we like to hike. It is too desolate and there are too many crazies out there. Although it is in a good area, I just cannot bring my self to hike that mountain road by myself. Walking on the treadmill just does not have the same affect. I think my body really loses the inches when we were hiking, especially on that straight uphill road. Maybe I should just buy some mace and take my chances.

I am loving my farmers market. The food is so delicious. I have gone back to my normal way of eating. Very little bread if any, green beans, cottage cheese, fish. The scale is still not moving. I am down to 1800 calories and still nothing. Maybe the stress is too much. I hope that once the floors are done I can get into a routine with better structure. Maybe I should go on the TNT Diet. Once this 52DC is done and my house back is somewhat order I will get the book out and give it a try.

I will be shutting off my computer Tuesday night and will not have access to the internet much. I will be staying with my mom (give me strength) for FOUR days. Oh my. Wish me luck. She is a junk food junkie and she loves sweets. This will be a challenge to keep my clean eating without offending my mom and the food temptations.

Okay everyone I will pop in next weekend some time and let you know how it went. Please send good thoughts my way.

2 Responses to Update

  1. baseballmom024 says:

    I hear you on this challenge, I don’t feel the drive I have had before, not sure why…lots of stress going on and lots of things pulling me in many directions. However, I know it works and need to stick with the plan.

    I agree on your hiking alone, sad the world we live in and have to worry about being out by ourselves. I am just like you, won’t ride my bike or run without my hubby or someone else with me….hopefully you will get back to your hiking, maybe find a new partner???

    TNT Diet works, hubby lost 25 lbs so far in 6 weeks, boy is he sticking to it to the T, I’m impressed. I couldn’t do it…love fruit too much…but I can definately see it works!!!

    Hopefully the time with mom was relaxing and not too many temptations….

    Hey, how is your daughters riding to working going???

  2. dynamics says:

    Hard to find someone who has the time and wants to hike. Sad, but so many people are just flat out lazy.

    I really need to get my TNT book out and read it. Maybe it will work for me, after summer. I love my fruit also.

    Time with mom was great. I really bonded and we had a great time. BBM, I truly mean it. I really enjoyed my time with her. I was shocked. I even taught her how to eat and prepare food and she really did a great job. I am proud of her for FINALLY listening to me.

    LOL, my daughter still has not taken her bike out. She is so wrapped up in her Roller Derby and taking care of her dog, Brooklyn and her busy, busy life. Hopefully she will do it soon.

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