I do not care for to many vegetables and I am trying new ones as often as I can. I made a list and was surprised at how many vegetables are vegetables and how many I like. Look at all those veggies I put in my salad. Yahoo. Now, which one of the below vegetables are better off not eaten?

Corn – green beans – potato – onions – asparagus – peas – zucchini – cauliflower peppers – garlic – broccoli – baby bok choy

My salad choices = Lettuce – spinach – celery – carrots – cucumbers – radishes – cabbage – avocado onions

My fruit choices = Orange – apple – plum – cantaloupe – honeydew – watermelon – banana – pineapple – peaches – peas – apricot – blackberries – raspberries – blueberries – strawberries – tomato.

Beef – chicken breast – turkey breast – cod – halibut – shrimp

Well, which do you think are those you should not really eat? I know Corn is not great as it is “sweet corn”. I know watermelon is not great because it is so sweet. Both are my favorites but eaten in moderation?

I have Brooklyn this weekend and I totally plan on getting in some outside time walking and hanging in the yard. Thank goodness the carrots are not up yet. Brooklyn is really good and picking them out. The tomatoes are not ripe yet so I know he will not eat them. He only likes the red ripe tomatoes. Maybe I should count him as a CT. He is pretty heavy and I can lift him a lot.

Have a great weekend everyone and those that have it… Enjoy this beautiful weather!!

2 Responses to Veggies

  1. TNT Man says:

    We do know that my eating is waaaay different than yours – but even with that in mind – severely limit corn and potatoes and most starchy veggies. Also, limit fruit – stick with the berries and those that have a high fiber content. Fruit is a sneaky item – it has been cultivated for 1,000s of years to be SWEET which means an excess of sugar.

    Eating healthy takes so much thought and effort – it is much easier to just eat what is easily available.

    Keep up the good work.
    TNT Man

  2. baseballmom024 says:

    I think the more you eat veggies the more you will like them..there are several ways to prepare them too! Love chopping and cooking in my grill pan on the bbq with just a little italian dressing or some olive oil and spices…amazing what can happen! I know corn and carrots are too veggies that are a little on the sweet side, but good in moderation anyway..right!

    As for fruit, I love my berries…especially with a little cool whip!

    Sounds like you have got the healthy eating down!



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