Day 6

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have not had time to post. I have had a lot going on.

I have been eating clean. It has been working out great to chop everything up for 3‑4 days. Easy to just open jars and throw stuff on a plate or in a pan. I love the jars I have and will have to get more. The store I usually by them at online is opening a local store only about 25 minutes away.

I think I solved my ranch-dressing dilemma also. I still have to work on it a bit. I take cottage cheese and a bit of the powder from the Ranch dressing packet and put it in the bullet with a bit of milk and voila, ranch dressing. I will fine-tune the next batch I make until I get it the right consistency.

One of my goals was to read two books. I think I am going to knock off one. Three books came in from the library. I actually do not read them cover to cover but read the information I feel I want and look at the recipes. Since I have three books and I have been reading many articles online, I think I have accomplished one of my goals. Another book came in from the library. It is a quick read, a fun read, no context to say but enjoyable. It will count as my second book read. After that, I am going to delve into the “Precision Nutrition” and all they have to offer. Lots of great stuff. My next goal I think will be pages read versus an actual book.

I have not had an opportunity to walk outside as we have had horrible rainstorms.

I have not been able to do any lower exercises as the bottom half of my Bowflex was not put back together right and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook it up. I will have to wait on the boys to come fix it as they originally took it apart. If they do not come this weekend, I will find some exercises I can do at home.

The treadmill is great, but boring. I have decided to walk during Biggest Loser so I get at least one good workout a week. I typically do not have time to watch much TV but I do enjoy that show.

I love working out with the Bowflex with my uppers. I went to the Dr. Today and he gave me some more exercise I am allowed to do now. I am getting better and faster at hooking up the rods and making the changes as needed. Once it gets ingrained in my memory it sticks, just takes a bit to get there.

My new veggie of the weeks is Broccoli Rabe. I asked the produce person for brocollini and he gave me that. He said I would like it and it had just came in that morning and to try the brocollini another day. I am off to research exactly how to cook it. The produce person said steaming but I need specifics.

That pretty much brings you up-to-date. Everyone seems to be doing well on the 52 DC. There are so many of use this time. Great QOTD and AOTD. There are so many athletes and they all seem to be in good shape with not much weight to lose. I am so happy they help me and give me inspiration.

Remember… Keep it clean.

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