Day 1 of the Mini Challenge

Today is the first day of the mini challenge.  I decided to continue to keep me accountable.  This weekend, I spent the day with my mom and she is a fast food junkie.  Yes, I had Wendy’s.  I had 1/2 chicken sandwich, 1/2 of a small fry and 3/4 of a small Dr. Pepper.  I then went on to have pizza for dinner that night.  That was not bad enough they had a special and I would save money by getting the deal with cinnamon sticks.  Yep, I ate them all.  The next day I was kicking myself.  I am glad we are starting today.  This forum obviously keeps me in line.  No way have I wanted to sway.  Too many people have supported me and helped me along.  Not only do I not want to disappoint myself but also I do not want to disappoint those who have helped me.

So today, I went on a two-mile walk with my cousin.  We just did our normal. We were not in the mood to go up in the mountains.  We walked at a brisk pace.  On the inclines, we only struggled to catch our breathe the second time around, but not enough to stop.  A sign of how far we have come.

I had hard-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast along with a bottle of water.  I should have eaten before walking but sleep seemed to be more important.

I am going to try to do some RT tonight.  The boys should be coming at the end of the week and then I will not have access to the equipment.

Since I lost 10 pounds and I felt I should have lost 15, I am going to log my food, get my calories, and find out if I am eating too much.  With all the time constraints and the holiday, I figured if I posted half the time it would get me ready for next years 52DC.

I purchased a circa recipe book and want to put in the recipes I use along with the calorie information.  I love trying new recipes but sometimes I forget what cookbook they came from.  I used to be good at entering the recipe in the computer but life got in the way and I have not been doing it.  I know I purchased avocado oil for a few new recipes but I will be danged if I can remember what cookbook they came from.

So there you have it.  I hope everyone has a great day.  Keep it clean.

My Goals:

CE: 50/52 (Not sure I can be totally clean at Xmas.)
RT: 8/26 (Two times a week.)

CT: 8/26 (Two times a week.)

PG1: Log calories 13 days.
PG2: Start a circa recipe file book.

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”

 ~ General George S Patton

6035, 336, 2.19, 55

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